Mistaken Wish

Kaito Komoriuta and Cassie Blair used to be as happy as can be. But after a while all they do is fight and their last one leads to their breakup. The well-looked forward to wedding is called off. Then one starry night, Cassie makes a wish that will flip her world upside down. It literally only takes one wish, one mistaken wish, to ruin everything.
I hope you enjoy the story SugarKart and I are writing :)
~Sally Bianca Charlie Jones

Chapter 3

Hello , Stranger ?

I awoke with a start, my head pounding, my sight blurred with tears. Blinking several times, I tried to clear my vision and was quite surprised to find myself sprawled out on a bed that I did not recognize and beer bottles everywhere.

"Oh shoot," I grumbled, and rolled over slightly. I fell to the floor with a loud thud.
That's when a half-naked man ran into the room, a towel tied around his waist as he scrambled to see if I was okay.

I screamed, and fumbled for the blanket to cover my body. It was almost comical how this happened but I was scared. Who was this half-naked man?

"Who..Who are you?" I stuttered and he introduced himself as Aiden, the guy I met last night because of Tally. I groaned before I let him help me up. I had to grab on to his shoulder to steady myself. Must have really gotten drunk last night.

I glanced over to the man, eyeing him. He was quite attractive but then a lump grew in my throat as Kaito entered my mind. The way he used to whisper my name in my ear in the morning, how he used to make me smile.

"Uh thanks I guess but I've got to go now." And with that, I rushed out of the room, searching until I found my clothes by the brown fluffy couch before I booked it out of the apartment, my shoes still inside. But I didn't dare go back inside.

I have no clue what I did last night, or how he knew Tally but I do know that I'm am so mad at Tally. She and Kaito kissed and -and I'm no longer spending the rest of my life with him.

While thinking, I continued to walk around aimlessly before someone pulled up beside the bench I had sat down at. My hands buried in my long hair. You guessed it, it was Kaito.

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