Mistaken Wish

Kaito Komoriuta and Cassie Blair used to be as happy as can be. But after a while all they do is fight and their last one leads to their breakup. The well-looked forward to wedding is called off. Then one starry night, Cassie makes a wish that will flip her world upside down. It literally only takes one wish, one mistaken wish, to ruin everything.
I hope you enjoy the story SugarKart and I are writing :)
~Sally Bianca Charlie Jones

Chapter 6

The Ocean Painting

by: Cozy_Glow
Cassie kept walking, possibly oblivious to what I'd whispered. Watching her gracefully walk away, nearly made me break down in tears. Nearly. I turned away from her sad figure & walked back to my car. It felt stupid as I sat down & drove off to the shore.
I didn't know where to go, so I just sat there & let my tears fall down my cheeks & soak into my shirt. I had never felt so terrible in my life. I must've fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes, a terrible glint was hurting my eyes. I blinked several times to see that the sun was setting.
I started up the car, but turned it off again. I couldn't go back to the apartment, not with Cassie. I looked out over the ocean as the sun reflected off it, like a painting I taken Cassie to show once. She loved it so much, I was going to buy it, but she told me to save it for another day. Thinking about that painting made me think of Cassie, thinking about Cassie made my heart hurt.

"Why am I so stupid?" I asked myself. "And terrible to Cassie?!"

I started up the engine once more & drove off to the art gallery. I don't know why, but I felt like going there, maybe seeing that painting again would clear my head. The art gallery was cold, yet welcoming. I never got that, but Cassie seemed to. I looked around the gallery, then in the selling gallery, looking for it without any luck.

"can I help you, sir?" the shop-girl asked.
"Uh...yes..." I looked at her. "Do you know where the painting of the ocean is? The one with the sun reflected on it?!"
"Hmm...I think its in the back! I'll just get it for you!"

With that, she walked off & brought it back. I was stunned that it was still in the gallery & for the same $150. I looked at it hard, thinking of Cassie's face, then bought it without a second thought. I gently put it in the car & covered it with a towel I'd left in there. I wasn't sure where Cassie'd be at this time of night, so I just went back to the beach...

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