The Twins. (Part of the upcoming saga "The School")

Shiloh and Claire are two special girls, which they start to realize. But who are they really? And what will happen when their paths cross?

Chapter 1


It's warm today, the kind of weather I like.
I close my eyes, bathing in the sunlight.

Suddenly, they snap open. Something is off.
Very off.
My eyes automatically scan the trees around me, but there is nothing to be seen.

But I know something is watching me, I can sense it.
That's what I'm good at.
I get up, backing away from where my senses tell me the thing is hidden.

Within a flash, he's in front of me.
Black hair, tanned skin, and dangerous pale grey eyes, so pale they're almost white.
I can feel my heart beating loudly. Hammering in my chest.
My opponent grins. He thinks there is no way out.
He's wrong.

I turn around in a flash, and I run as fast as I can.
Branches snap in my face,hurting me, but I keep my speed up. As long as I surivive, I thought frantically.
I've never been this fast, running faster than any car.

I jump through the bushes, into a clearing.
I stop. I lost him.
Relief washes through me. Then I have the most horrible feeling.

I turn around slowly, and like always, my instinct was right.
He's in front of me.

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