My Prince Of Mirkwood. (LOTR)

My Prince Of Mirkwood. (LOTR)

Same as my last LOTR but I couldn't find anyone to continue it. Legolas Greenleaf LS

Chapter 1

Awena Estel meets Legolas

Awena! Someone is here to see you!!" My grandmother called.
That's how it all started; the highlight of my life. But before you jump to conclusions; lets go and and learn a little about myself.
Hi. My name is Awena Estel. I have short cropped hair, but only my family knows about that. I wear a wig to cover my hair. I have crystal blue eyes. I am of average height among my people. I wield a bow more efficiently than most of my kind. It's like a natural ability. My father( She lives in Rivendell.) says that I could enchant any human male into falling in love with me by my singing. I can be a clutz at times.
I prefer to wear my ranger clothes but grandmother disapproves. She says I will never marry at my rate. I don't care about, pfft, marrying. It's just a waste of time.My sister is ready for marriage. But grandmother has trouble finding a suitor. Sister-(pg 2) is a study-worm. She hates fun. When I say that I want someone, not one like Eixirt(eeksirt). I want a ranger or at least a warrior; but an elf.
This is where my story starts. I slung my bow over my shoulder. I motion for the elf accompanying me to follow me. I flew through the branches with speed that could not be managed by hobbits, humans, dwarves, or even orcs. The elf is my hunting 'buddy'; so he knows about my hair. I had left the cover-up at home. My nostrils flare. A new scent crosses my path. I look at my partner. His face reads impatient. I turn my head south-east. 4 hobbits, 2 men, an elf, dwarf, and a wizard. Nine people. (pg 3)

"Come, my lady, the fellowship arrives." My partner explains. I frowned. 'The fellowship, huh?'
The elf made his way back the way he came. I grip my bow tightly. 'Should I trust him in this subject?'

"-Enna (toward)" I tell him.


"Cam Nin nin sigil(Hand me my dagger)" My Wanderer, as I call him. Wanderer handed me my dagger.

"Nin Hiril(my lady)"

"Nin Rana(My wanderer)" I teased him. Wanderer shook his head as silent laughter overtook him. I tilted my head towards home.

"Let's go."I smiled.

"Wanna race, N^in Hiril(my lady)" Wanderer asked.

"Caer. Neder. Toloth. Odog. Eneg. Leban. Canad. Neled. Tad. Min.(10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.)"I counted; my eyes flickering at Wanderer. I smirked. I took off.

"My lady!!!" Wanderer yelped in surprise. I had at least a mile head start.

"Try to ca- UGH!" I ran into something or someone. My bosom ended up on the ground. My short cropped hair covered the points of my ears.

"Are you alright, lady?" A male voice asked. I looked up; an elf stood in front of me. Long blond hair; ranger clothes. A long, smooth, nice, efficient shot bow. TBC!

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