Him (A Michael Jackson Love Story) Part 13

This may shock you..I am sorry for that.....but i need more views..it is much more dramatic and interesting. DO NOT LOOK AHEAD! ENJOY!!

Chapter 1

The End of the Beginning

The day was young; the glittering moon was a fading cresant, dissappearing into the eager sunrise. Where I was, it was nearing 4:00 a.m. I was shocked to see Michael awake. He was a late sleeper generally. "Mikey Boo," I whispered. "Did you have a bad dream?" He sat still for a moment, thinking. "I suppose you could say that." I watched, tense, as Michael's eyes darted aimlessly around the room. "Sweetie, I think you need some sleep." He nodded, refusing to make eye contact. Why wasn't he talking? I crawled over to his side of the bed and carefully moved a strand of hair out of his face. I leaned in, as silently as possible, and kissed his forehead. Michael smiled. I giggled quietly. "I love you Michael...." Two hours passed. Michael began to twitch in his sleep; his eyebrows creased, and a bead of sweat formed beneath his lip. He sat up abruptly. "Li-li-Lissa," he murmurred, frightened. "Yes, doll," I said comfortingly. I motioned for Michael to sit on my lap. Carefully, I pulled the blankets around us. Laying flat, I sighed. He was laying right on top of me. Suddenly, he shivered. "Cold, babe?" Without a response, I turned the electric blanket up to High. He snuggled closer. Soon enough, I was asleep. I was awoken to the sound of birds chirping, singing thoughtlessly as the clouds rolled lightly overhead. Glancing at the clock, I gasped. 3 P.M.?! This was not like me. Michael was looking at me with big, sad eyes. I chuckled. "Hi, puppy." I did not receive his normal response; a hug, a kiss, and a playful game of wrestling. Instead I got these tearful, regretting, secrative eyes. "Liss, can we talk," he mumbled, anxiously. "Of course, love," I said, poking his sides. "What's up?" Michael fidgeted on the bed, unable to keep still. "Lissa, I want you to know that no matter what I will always love you." He grabbed my hand, and held it tightly. A strange, tight feeling formed in my stomach. "Mikey, what's going on?" Tears began to flow down his eyes. "I found someone else." Confused, I clarified, "You mean, you found someone else for a record label." "I am in love with another woman." I sat, frozen; parilyzed. In that moment of time, I wanted death to come for me; to scoop me up off of this earth as I fell. "Bearsy...." My voice broke. Tears welled up in my eyes and exploded. I sobbed so loudly that I could have woken up all of the west coast. Stuffing my head in the pillow, my wails were muffled. I felt obnoxious, selfish. But I was destroyed; the man that I called my soulmate, my future husband and father of my children....broke up with me. "Lissa, I love you so much..and...I can;t deny or forget that..I just..." My eyes stared, begging for an explanation. He met my gaze evenly. "I love you...hone," he whispered. "But why?" "I met someone else..and..." He paused, lovingly. Stroking my back he answered, "Isn't it better that I told you now, rather than date you, and be in love with another woman?" I nodded, half-understanding. "But what did I do wrong?" "Puppy," he comforted. "You did nothing wrong. You are the reason I woke up in the morning. It's just that,,,,,she is too." Sadness filled my body. I grabbed him close. I would never forget this hug....it could have been our last. Pulling away, I stared into his eyes. "I love you, pumpkin." He was crying too. "I love you too." As much as I hated to ask, I questioned, "What is her name." He looked..regretfull...He obviously did not want to tell me. But he knew better. "Her name?" His eyes comforted me. "She's not better than you...just dfferent." "Who.." I asked patiently. "Her name....is Lisa Marie." (TBC)


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