Sei il mio incantesimo (A Marauders Story)

Sei il mio incantesimo (A Marauders Story)

The title means: "You are my enchantment" in Italian

Main Character: Olivia Bennett. Long, wavy brown hair that she sometimes magically straightens. Large gray/blue eyes. Short and curvy.

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Chapter 2

~Welcome to Hogwarts~

"Guys I really should go," Remus says, glancing anxiously at the door some time later. "I need to change and be ready to help the first years find the boats."
"Boats?" I ask. In this kind of weather?! The water is probably freezing!
Remus must noticed my distress because he laughs and answers, "Only first years take boats. We ride up to the castle in carriages."
I feel much better after hearing that and relax back into my seat. Remus waves and James yells "We'll save you a seat on the carriage Moony!" after him.
"Why do you call him Moony?" I ask, stretching my legs out on the now vacant seat.
James and Sirius exchange a look before Sirius shrugs. "We all have weird nicknames for each other."
"Yeah," James nods, "I don't even remember why we call each other those names."
I feel like there's more to it than that but I don't have a chance to ask more questions because another boy wanders in. He's short with watery eyes and it's like his body is permanently stuck in a cowering position. He beams when he sees James and Sirius. "Hey guys! I got stuck in another compartment. Couldn't get away."
"Our little Wormtail," Sirius says with a sarcastic tone, "He's ever so popular."
I assume this is the Peter boy they were talking about earlier and move my feet so he has a spot.
Sirius sees the seat next to me and steps over to it. He sits down next to me and looks over at the new boy. "This is Olivia. Olivia, that's Peter."
Peter smiles at me and I say a hello. He takes Sirius's old seat and we all talk and laugh the rest of the way there.

"We're almost to Hogsmeade. Better get dressed," James says. We all agree to meet back in the compartment before I leave the boys to search for a girl's dressing room.
I see a girl with dark red hair leave a compartment and I follow her to the dressing room.
She must realize I've followed her because she turns around and inspects me with almond-shaped green eyes. "Is there any particular reason you were creeping along behind me?" she asks.
I feel myself blush for a moment before I answer. "I'm new and didn't know where to go." I stick out my hand. "I'm Olivia Bennett."
She shakes my hand and smiles. "Lily Evans. Sorry if I sounded snappy but I just saw Potter a few minutes ago and I was hoping he had met an untimely end over the summer."
"Wait, James? James Potter?"
Her eyes flash, "Yes! That git! So you've met him, have you?"
"Er, yes."
Lily nods, as if I completely agree with her. She gathers her street clothes and leaves me standing in the dressing room alone.

I meet up with James, Sirius, and Peter as the train begins to slow down. "Will Remus be with us?" I ask hopefully. While I've been enjoying James and Sirius's wildness it was nice having Reuns there to add some stabilization. And I'm not too sure how I feel about Peter yet, he makes me feel uncomfortable.
James nods, "Yeah. He should be meeting us by the carriages."
Sirius is smirking at me and I cross my arms. "What?"
"You just look quite... nice in your uniform," he snickers.
I glare at him. The robes I have are too baggy, although they'd probably fit someone a few inches taller and wider just fine.
I groan. "The robes in Manhattan were much more form-fitting."
"Really?" Sirius asks, raising his eyebrows and inspecting me again, as if he was picturing me in one. "Maybe I should go there."
I shake my head and laugh, "Sorry Sirius, it's an all girl's school."
"Well then maybe both of us should go!" James exclaims. I roll my eyes at them as the train comes to a stop. "Alright Liv, just follow us," James instructs me as he pushes through the throng of young witches and wizards. I hurry after him and the others.
Our group heads towards one of the carriages and I pause uncertainly. "What's wrong Liv?" Sirius calls, climbing up into the carriage.
"What is that?" I ask, pointing at the strange beast pulling the carriage. It's black and skeletal looking. It has the rough figure of a horse but I know that's not what it is.
Peter looks confused, "It's a carriage Liv. Come on, they have these in Manhattan right?"
"No! The thing pulling it!" I exclaim. How can they act so stupid?
"The carriages pull themselves," Sirius explains slowly. "Really, it's okay."
"Hey!" Remus calls from behind me, walking up. "Why aren't you getting in?"
"Remus can you see it?" I ask, knowing he won't lie and play jokes.
"What? The thestral?"
"That's what it's called?! You can see it?!"
He shakes his head, "I know what it's called but I can't see it. Come on. It won't hurt you."
I walk with Remus to the carriage and get in. "What were you two talking about?" James asks.
"Thestrals," I answer.
The other three look confused. "A what?" Peter asks.
"Thesral. We studied them in Care of Magical Creatures last year?" Remus prods. "I think Padfoot and Prongs were in the hospital wing after an exploding spell went wrong. But you should remember Wormtail."
Peter shrugs and Remus rolls his eyes.
"Well tell us more about them then Moony," James encourages, "I'm curious."
"They're a bit like skeletal winged horses. Thestrals are believed to be bad omens because you can only see them if..." He trails off and glances at me.
"If what?" I ask, frustrated.
"If you've seen death," he finishes.
I feel myself shiver and I avert my eyes away from the thestral pulling the carriage.
"Death?" Sirius snorts. "You're joking."
"I'm not," Remus says resolutely.
James looks over at me, "Then who did you..." he stops and changes his mind about asking me the question. I'm grateful for that at least.
We arrive at the castle and Remus offers to take me to McGonagall. We arrive at her office and she rushes us in.
"All right let's make this quick because I have to meet the first years soon," she says to the hat.
She places it on my head and much to my surprise it speaks. "Hmmm. Who do we have here? You're rather shy, a Hufflepuff perhaps. No, no, you'd fit in far better in Slytherin. You have some hatred buried in you. And you're a pureblood."
No. I silently plead put me in Gryffindor.
"But then again you're brave and committed. Yes, yes, Gryffindor!"
Remus's face lights up from across the room and Professor McGonagall smiles. "Welcome to my house Ms. Bennett. Let's all go down to the feast now, shall we?"
Remus and I follow McGonagall to the Great Hall and then leave her to attend to the first years alone. I walk behind Remus into the hall and pause, mesmerized by my surroundings. It's all so ornate and beautiful. I admire the banner of my new house before turning my attention to the ceiling. It's a perfect replica of the night sky. "Coming?" Remus calls.
I break from my trance and nod, walking quickly in order to catch up.
We finally spot the other three and I sit next to Sirius and across from James. "You made it into our house?!" Sirius exclaims when he sees me taking a seat.
"Why do you sound so surprised?" I ask as Remus wedges his way next to me on the other side.
"Well I thought Gryffindor was only for the best..."
I shove him and James chuckles. "Oh here come the first years," Peter says. I watch as a long line of small children file in.
"They look especially puny this year, don't they?" James muses. Remus nods in agreement.
The sorting is dull so I spend most of it whispering with the guys about the Gryffindor Quidditch team. James is telling me about how he's the star player when the last girl (Zanker, Bonnie) is sorted into Hufflepuff. Then the Headmaster stands up.
"Welcome to Hogwarts! I am ready for another magical year filled with learning and enchantment, as I'm sure all of you are too. But before we begin I'd like to remind of just a few small rules. Dungbombs, fanged frizbees and other magical pranks are prohibited. The Forbidden Forest is... well FORBIDDEN obviously...."
"Stay away from the Whomping Willow, no wandering the halls after curfew and make sure to be in class on time," James recites along with Dumbledore. "If you break these rules you'll be forced to trim my beard for three months!" he adds, doing a good impression of the Headmaster.
Dumbledore smiles in our direction and I giggle. "I think he heard you," I whisper to James.
"And one more thing," Dumbledore says. "I'd like to introduce you to our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Prifessor Swallow." A tall, skinny man with gangly arms and thinning brown hair stands and waves. "Now," the headmaster grins, "we eat!"
Food appears on the tables and all of us begin piling it onto our plates. Once we're all stuffed the guys offer to show me the Common Room.
We weave through some corridors and stop outside of a picture of a very large woman. "Password?" she asks.
"Oh right... they said it was... Hinkypink," Remus says.
The lady smiles. "Correct." The portrait swings back to reveal a hole which everyone clabbers into. Once I'm in the picture swings back into place.
I glance around the room and nod in approval. There are several squishy armchairs sitting in front of a roaring fire and a large couch. More chairs are scattered around a few small tables that I'm sure will be where I'll do my homework. Two sets of stairs lead up to what must be the dormitories.
"It's great!" I exclaim, throwing my hands up.
Sirius grins at my enthusiasm. "Yeah, and you look just as great in those oversized robes of yours."
"Shut up!" I yell back.
Remus holds his wand out, "I can shrink them for you if you want.
I grin and nod, "Yes please!"
My robes go up a few inches and get a bit tighter. Now they look like everyone else's. "Thank you!" I hug Remus in excitement before sticking my tongue out at Sirius. "Ha!"
Sirius just smiles back at me before turning and saying something to James. He nods and they both say goodnight before heading up one of the staircases.
I join Remus and Peter by the fire until Lily walks in. "Hey! Olivia isn't it? You want to come up with me? We're in the same dorm."
I accept the offer and say goodnight to my two new friends. "Remus is nice isn't he?" Lily asks as we go upstairs. "I'll never understand why he hangs out with James and Sirius. Don't get me wrong, Sirius can be charming but he's a complete player. And don't get me started about that horrid Potter. He has the biggest head. And he's just plain MEAN to some people."
I shrug, "I talked to them on the train and they seemed fine."
"Oh they will for a while but just you wait," Lily says as she climbs into bed. "Your views on them will change soon enough."

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