Sei il mio incantesimo (A Marauders Story)

Sei il mio incantesimo (A Marauders Story)

The title means: "You are my enchantment" in Italian

Main Character: Olivia Bennett. Long, wavy brown hair that she sometimes magically straightens. Large gray/blue eyes. Short and curvy.

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Chapter 28

~Professor Swallow~

After Astronomy Remus and I walk back to the Commons, trailing behind everyone else. Kate gives us a look but Lily ushers her away to talk about something. I'm happy she has that distraction, I don't want my friend to get even more involved than she already is. Kate's sacrificed more than enough already. All of my friends have. "Okay. I'll be back later Remus," I say once we've reached the Common Room entrance.
"Are you crazy? I'm coming too," he says stubbornly, crossing his arms.
"Us too," I hear a voice say from the stairs. Sirius, James, and Peter emerge out of the shadows.
I shake my head. "No. I care about you guys. All of you," I say, my eyes resting on Sirius. He's wearing a kind smile.
"We care about you too Liv. That's why we want to help. We're just wasting time arguing right now," Sirius says, pulling the map out of his pocket. "It's clear right now. Let's go." Before I can protest they all head towards the portrait hole. Remus, the last to go out, pauses and turns towards me. "You coming?"
I hesitate before taking his outstretched hand. There's no turning back now.

We walk as quietly as possible through the abandoned corridors. Soon enough the five of us are out of the castle. Everything is eerily quiet and I find myself shivering. Remus puts a hand on my arm and I flinch away, startled. "You okay?" he asks me softly.
I nod and glance around. "It's just... It's too quiet."
"I know."
Sirius takes my hand and I don't pull away, thankful for the familiar touch. "Surprised you're letting me hold your hand. I was under the impression you were mad at me," he remarks.
"Well you coming out and risking your life for me kind of makes my anger a bit petty I think," I respond in a whisper. He chuckles and I wonder how he could possibly feel so calm in a situation like this.
"Thank God it's not a full moon tonight," Remus says, looking up at the sky. A benign crescent moon shines down on us. I nod in agreement before taking a few more steps towards the woods. I can't help feeling like this is the worst place to possibly be. A stag runs past me and it takes me a moment to comprehend who it is.
"James! Get back here!" I hiss. "We shouldn't split up!"
"I'll get him," Sirius says, morphing into a dog. He gives me a look before bounding off after his friend.
Peter and Remus come closer to me. "Hey, don't worry. He'll get him," Peter assures me, glancing around uneasily.
Remus nods in agreement before starting back down the path. Peter and I follow him closely, jumping at every branch that rustles in the breeze. My knuckles hurt from how tight I'm holding my wand, but I don't relax my grip. The whole atmosphere on this forest sets me on edge. Something rustles the bushes to our right and all three of us jump, wands raised. I'm about to cast a stunning spell when Sirius and James emerge, back in human form.
"You idiot," I scold, hitting James's arm. "You could have been killed!"
"Well I wasn't. But you guys have to see what we found..." James says, trailing off. He looks worried and even Sirius seems a bit shaken up. This worries me even more.
"What is it?"
"Just follow us," Sirius says, turning and going back in the direction he came from. Reluctantly, I follow him.
We walk for quite a ways before James and Sirius stop. I see a body lying in front of them. Professor Swallow. "What'd you do to him?" I ask them in awe, looking down at his still body.
James clenches his teeth and Sirius looks over at me, concern showing on his face. "We didn't do anything. We found him like this."
My head whips up and I look around. "Then who did?"
"Guys, we need to go. What if this is a trap?" Remus says, backing away.
"Well what do we do with him?" James asks, motioning to Sparrow. "I think he's still breathing. We can't just leave him here."
"Then grab him and let's go. Whoever did this is probably still around..." Remus says, still moving away. I glance around the forest uneasily, my ears straining to hear some hint that someone's coming our way. Nothing. It's still quiet to the point of it being uncomfortable. James and Sirius cast a hovering charm that lifts Professor Swallow up a few feet off the ground. He floats spookily in front of them, down the path and back towards the castle. Peter keeps wringing his hands and the way he's hunched over I can see the rat-ness of him. I find myself wishing I could turn into an animal. It'd make escaping and finding whoever this is so much easier.
We make it back to the castle without incident, other than us freaking out everytime something moved or a bird flew by. The five of us rush into the corridor and Sirius and James lower Swallow's body to the ground. As he hits the floor his eyes fly open and he sits up quickly, like he's expecting to be attacked. When our teacher see us his eyes widen. "They're coming," he whispers in a scratchy, hoarse voice. Before any of us can react he's fainted again. Out cold, without any explanation or guidance to give us.

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