~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

Told ya I would do it! Now, here's how you need to start...
If you want...
Ouran High School Host Club: start at chapter one
Avatar the Last Airbender: start at chapter two
Fruits Basket: start at chapter three
After that, you go to whatever chapter it tells you to when you pick.
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~Update the school gave us laptops, right? I figure, "Yay, i can write on that!" Turns out they blocked the word "anime", so I had to change the title a bit so I could write this story on my mac.~

Chapter 10

Whistle (Avatar)

You pulled out a whistle, and looked up to see Aang smiling.
"You got me. Hey, Sokka, catch!" shouted Aang as he threw the bag at Sokka, who was still sharpening his boomerang.
It hit him in the head, and Aang laughed as he ran with you to the closet before Sokka could retaliate.
Once you were finally in the closet with Aang, the truth hit you like a rock.
You were in the closet with the Avatar, the one who saved the world!
"So, __. I here you're a firebender," said Aang.
"Yeah. I hear you're the Avatar," you teased.
He grinned proudly, "The one and only!"
You both fell to the floor laughing, and it took some time just to calm down.
When you did, you stared at him across the closet, "So, Aang. You and Katara have a thing, don't you?"
He blushed, but nodded.
You grinned, "You two make a sweet couple. Have you kissed her yet?"
Aangs jaw hit the ground, and you laughed again.
"Aang! Get out of there! Someone is trying to break into the palace!" you heard Zukos voice shout.
Aang quickly got back on his feet using airbending, then ran towards the closet door, but rammed into it.
You laughed again. You always thought the avatar would be more, I dunno, serious about being the avatar.
Finally, the door opened and Aang rushed out of the closet.
"Zuko, what's going on!" asked Aang.
"The gaurds say there is a disturbance down in the courtyard, and they want your help," said Zuko.
Aang groaned a little, "Come. On. I just saved the world, and now someone else wants to ruin it?"
"Aang, we don't know that. It's probably just some rogue Ozai fanatics," assured Sokka.
Katara nodded, "Yeah, we should go check it out."
Aang breathed out, "Fiiine. Let's go."
You all started running to the courtyard, and along the way Zuko looked over at you.
"Sorry I disrupted your time with Aang," he apologized.
You shook your head, "It's alright, him and Katara have a thing, obviously. Besides, they're cute together."
Zuko nodded, and you finally reached the courtyard, where a huge crowd of people were argueing with the guards.
"Sir, these people want in the palace, but they have no clearance," said one of the guards, bowing to Zuko.
Zuko laughed, "New guards never know who's who: Let them through, they're friends!"
The guards nodded, and the grouped cheered as they parted their ranks, letting them rush towards you.
"Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late, I ran across this bunch and decided to come with them!" said a short girl with black hair, and you smiled. It must have been Toph, the blind earthbender.
"It's ok, I'm so glad you're here! But we'll have to find a bigger room then planned if we want a party now!" said Aang, looking over at Zuko.
"Well, there is the war room, where my father held all his war meetings. We already teared most of the stuff in it down, so it's mostly empty. We plan on using it for a ball room or something. That should hold everyone," said Zuko, motioning with is arm for everyone to follow.
"Katare," you asked, turning towards her, "Who are all these people?"
"Old friends and allies. But, not all of them could make it...." she said, looking down.
"Oh, are they busy?" you asked.
Katara shook her head, "No, I mean the ones who are dead."
You looked down too, "Oh."
Katyara nodded, "Yeah, it's mainly just Princess Yue and Jet. I wish they could be here, they helped us so much."
You nodded, understanding. You lost your older brother in the war. He was a rebel, who had even gone under cover as a fire nation soldier himself, and he was killed when soldiers burned the entire house they were meeting secretly into ashes.
You sighed, looking down as you thought about him. So full of fight for what he thought was right, his willingness to help anyone, no matter what the cost. He was the bravest person you ever knew.
You were in the back of the crowd as everyone rushed into the room, which was being filled with party stuff, such as musicians, food, and drinks.
"Let's get this party started!" you heard Sokka yell over the crowd, and the musicians began playing and everyone was dancing wildly, while some stood around talking.
ou grinned as you watched Aang and Katara dancing together in the center of the room, with all eyes on them.
"Wow, they're good," you thought out loud.
Suddenly someone spilled punch all over the front of your dress, and you screamed/laughed as the guy who had done it quickly started stuttering.
"Oh, I am so sorry, someone bumped into me and I-" he started.
"Hey, it's ok. A little punch never hurt anyone!" you laughed.
"Well, at least let me get you a change of clothes," he insisted.
You nodded, and left the party by his side.
"My name's Haru, I'm from the earth kingdom," he said as you walked.
"I'm __, from the fire nation," you said, introducing yourself.
"Do you happen to be related to Tatsu, would you?" he asked.
You were stunned, "He was my brother. How would you know him?"
When I was held on a prison ship with my father, he was one of the guards who would sneak us extra food and blankets. He was very nice, it's a shame he was a fire nation soldier," he said.
You shook your head, "He was an undercover rebel. But he died last year in a fire," you told him.
:Oh, I'm sorry. It's amazing how much you look like him, almost like you could be twins," he said.
"Well, we got that a lot when we were younger, but he was two years older than me," you explained.
"Here we are, Zukos gaurds gave us all a room. I'm happy I got the directions right, this palace is so big," he said, opening the door for you, "I have some extra clothes, if you don't mind that they're too big."
You shook your head, "No no, I don't have any other stuff to change into, so it will work until I can find Katara. Thank you," you said, as he handed you clothes, "I'll go in the bathroom and change, if that's alright."
He nodded, and you went into the bathroom.
"Thank the spirits I can take this makeup off...." you muttered as you used a towel to clean your face.
You walked back into the room 5 minutes later wearing a pair of loose pants held up by a leather belt and a baggy shirt, along with your hair held up by a piece of string.
Haru looked amazed, "Wow, are you sure you and Tatsu weren't twins?"
You laughed, "I'm positive!"
"Well, would you like to go for a walk?" he asked, holding out his hand.
You smiled and took it in your own, and walked around the palace.
"Haru, why were you on that prison ship?" you asked, the question suddenly coming to mind.
"The fire nation took away every earthbender from my village. I was told to hide my bending to stay safe, so I wouldn't get taken away like my father did. But then I met Aang and his friends, and I ended up saving an old man, who ratted me out to the soldiers," he said, slightly bitter.
"That's terrible! How did you get out?" you asked.
"Katara came and saved us, along with her brother and Aang. She rallied us all and made us want to bend again, and we took over the ship. We ended up later taking back our village too." he said, smiling.
"Wow, I guess it wouldn't help if I told you I was a firebender, would it?" you asked.
He squeezed your hand, "That doesn't matter to me at all. Your brother was a firebender, and he helped all of us the best he could. I've learned not to judge people by where they are from, but for who they are," he said, as you walked into a green opening, the moon shining on a little pond full of ducklings under a cherry tree.
"Well, I'd say I'm a big goof ball who is nothing like her brave, older brother," you said, as you sat down with him by the water.
He laughed, "You seem to be funny, but I can tell you are just like him. He'd always joke, too. Trying to keep our spirits up. It takes a lot of courage to be as bluntly honest as you are," he said, looking at you through the moonlight.
You blushed, looking at the baby ducks, "Well, you seem to be a brave guy too. I mean, taking back your village and all. I bet you have girls swooning over you."
He chuckled, 'No, not really. I only have one girl in mind right now, and I think she's very special." he said, staring at the moon.
"Oh," you said, slowly taking your hand away from his, but he held on tighter and smiled at you.
"It's you, silly," he laughed.
You were speechless. I mean, you just met the guy, but you felt you knew him already.
"Well, ah...." you stumbled, for once at a loss for words.
Suddenly he kissed you as a soft breeze blew your hair back down out of its ponytail, and you kissed him back. It was magic.
Suddenly you heard laughter coming, but you ignored it. All your world was Haru. His face, is voice, his lips. Especially his lips.
"Oh, lookey what we have here," you heard Kataras voice say.
You looked up to see Aang, her, Sokka, and his girlfriend Suki standing just outside the grass.
You pulled away from Haru, blushing like mad, and he took your hand in his smiling.
"Hello, Katara. It's good to see you again. You too Aang, Sokka," said Haru, smiling at them.
"Well, when I noticed _ missing from the party, we went looking for her. I never imagined she'd be, uh, getting familiar with an old friend of ours," she said, her voice filled with friendly sarcasm.
"Yeah, and I thought Suki and I got busy," said Sokka, and Suki punched him the arm.
"Well, should we get back to the party?" you asked Haru.
He nooded, and stood up and pulled you up by the hand as the others turned and left.
Suddenly he dipped you down, holding your back, and said, "So, _, would you like to be my girlfriend?"
You laughed as you held onto his neck, "Sure, who wouldn't?"
Suddenly you were kissing again, but you quickly rushed out of his arms towards the hall.
"Race you back to the party!" you shouted jokingly as Haru laughed and chased you back to where you would have the night of your life with your new found love.

~ Sorry to all the Aang lovers out there, but I felt Kataang was just too strong a couple to break up. Besides, I surprised ya, didn't I? ;) ~

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