~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

Told ya I would do it! Now, here's how you need to start...
If you want...
Ouran High School Host Club: start at chapter one
Avatar the Last Airbender: start at chapter two
Fruits Basket: start at chapter three
After that, you go to whatever chapter it tells you to when you pick.
Good luck ;)
~Update the school gave us laptops, right? I figure, "Yay, i can write on that!" Turns out they blocked the word "anime", so I had to change the title a bit so I could write this story on my mac.~

Chapter 3

Fruits Basket (Start)

"Tohru? Where are you taking me?" you asked your friend, whom you met nearly two months ago but seriously bonded with. You had a blindfold over your eyes, and Tohru was leading you through town.
"It's a surprise, ___! You'll see when we get there!" she replied, giggling liker her normal, bubbly self.
You gave up fighting, and let your friend lead you to the surprise destination.
You were walked through a door, and up some stairs. You heard another door creak open.
"Ok, open your eyes," said Tohru, as she took the blindfold off of your face.
"SURPRISE!" yelled a bunch of people.
"Oh, guys!" you said.
There, in your other new friends bedroom, was Uo, Hana herself, Yuko , Kyo, Momiji, and Hatsuharu.
"Happy birthday, __." said Uo, standing up to give you a hug.
"Yes, we are glad to celebrate the aniversary of your birth," said Hana, also giving you a hug.
"Yeah! We all planned this together, right Tohru!" said Momiji, who rushed forward to give you a hug, but Kyo held onto him by the back of his shirt.
"Ahhh! Kyo's being mean!" whined Momiji.
"Kyo, get your ginger hands off of him. He was just being nice," you told Kyo, growled.
"Hey! I ain't taken orders from you, you piece of-" he started, but Haru put his hand over his mouth, shutting him up.
Uo laughed, "Well, how about we play a little game called 30 minutes in heaven. Guys, all write down a word and put it in the bowl. Then we'll start."
"How do you play?" asked Momiji, as he wrote on his paper.
"Well, the girl draws out of the bowl and whoever's word it is goes with them in a closet for half an hour. We can use Hana's hall closet," said Uo, as she gathered up all the pieces of paper and put them in the bowl.
"__, it's your party so you should go first," said Hana, as Uo held out the bowl.
You nodded, and reached in....
What word did you get?
Newspaper: go to chapter 13 (I promise it wont be unlucky, lol)
Hop: go to chapter 14
Dark:go to chapter 15
Win: go to chapter 16

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