~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

Told ya I would do it! Now, here's how you need to start...
If you want...
Ouran High School Host Club: start at chapter one
Avatar the Last Airbender: start at chapter two
Fruits Basket: start at chapter three
After that, you go to whatever chapter it tells you to when you pick.
Good luck ;)
~Update the school gave us laptops, right? I figure, "Yay, i can write on that!" Turns out they blocked the word "anime", so I had to change the title a bit so I could write this story on my mac.~

Chapter 4

Dark Blue Rose (OHSHC)

You pulled out a dark blue rose, and Kyoya grinned while the twins laughed.
"Mori, I suppose you get to play with the new toy first!" said the twins together.
"I am not a-" you started, scowling at the twins, but Mori had stood up and clapped his hand over your mouth.
Honey giggled, "Have fun, Takashi!"
You blushed as Mori dragged you by your arm into the closet, and the door slammed shut and locked, leaving you in total darkness until your eyes could adjust.
"Gosh, for a host club of rich snots you'd think they'd have a bigger closet...." you thought to yourself, realizing there wasn't even room to sit.
You glanced at Mori, who had his eyes closed, thinking as deep as always.
You sighed and looked down, you had seen him turn down that girl last month, and he did it without saying a word. You didn't want that to happen, so you just planned on standing here until time was up, in silence.
Suddenly you felt Mori's index finger run along your jaw line, bringing your head up to look at his deep, mysterious eyes.
"___....." he said softly, in his deep voice that could nearly make your legs turn to jelly.
"Yeah?" you muttered back, still hypnotized by his eyes, which seemed to stare right into your soul, no matter how cheesy that sounded.
"You look pretty tonight....." he mumbled, saying more than you have ever heard from him.
"Uh...t-thanks....Takashi...." you stuttered.
He leaned down, since he stood nearly 7 inches taller than you, and whispered in your ear, "Close your eyes....."
You did, and you felt his finger leave your chin, and your stomach was doing flips.
"Open...." he said, his voice closer than before.
You did, and the second your eyes opened his lips met yours.
It was a short kiss, and he quickly pulled away, but it left you breathless.
"I-I'm sorry...." he apologized, looking down like a little child caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.
It took you a moment to find the words to say, but you stood on your tippy toes and pulled him down by the tie on his shirt.
"Don't be." you whispered into his ear, then kissed him yourself.
He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up to his height, and you wrapped your arms around his neck to keep balance.
You don't know how long the kiss lasted, only that it was as magical, sweet, and the best of your life. Mori's breath tasted of peppermint, and he didn't smell like man perfume, just natural guy that intoxicated you to the point you could have been drunk.
After what seemed like only seconds, but was probably minutes, the door slammed open, and light engulfed you as the host club and Kara, all shocked to see you two practically making out.
"Woah, I said have fun, Takashi, but not THAT much fun!" laughed Honey as Mori lowered you to the ground, took your hand, and led you out of the closet.
He glared at the twins, who had gone back to the couch, and their eyes got big and they moved off the couch so you and Mori could sit together.
"Let me guess, ___. The reason you didn't come before was Mori here." stated Tamaki as Mori pulled you into his lap.
You shrugged, and Kara smiled at you before it was her turn.
"Aren't you glad we came?" she asked.
Before you could answer, however, Mori spoke up, "I am."
:) Good pick! Start again or go to another story if you want and see even more outcomes!

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