~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

Told ya I would do it! Now, here's how you need to start...
If you want...
Ouran High School Host Club: start at chapter one
Avatar the Last Airbender: start at chapter two
Fruits Basket: start at chapter three
After that, you go to whatever chapter it tells you to when you pick.
Good luck ;)
~Update the school gave us laptops, right? I figure, "Yay, i can write on that!" Turns out they blocked the word "anime", so I had to change the title a bit so I could write this story on my mac.~

Chapter 5

Small Yellow Flower (OHSHC)

You plucked out a small, yellow flower, and Honey jumped up with Usa-Chan in his arms and laughed.
"Yay! I get __!" he shouted, and you smiled at his cuteness as you followed him into the closet and sat down.
The door shut quickly behind you, and you looked at Honey, who was playing with is bunny, and he looked up.
"You wanna play with Usa-Chan too?" he asked, holding out the pink stuffed bunny.
"Sure!" you said, taking and holding Usa-Chan with care.
You didn't like to admit it, but whenever you saw Honey it always brought out your childish side, so you tried to avoid being around him.
"__?" Honey asked after you played with the rabbit for a little bit.
"Hm?" you asked, looking up.
And before you could think, Honey leaned in and kissed you then pulled back, leaving you shocked as you dropped Usa-Chan.
__, I know I can be kind of kidish at times, even though I'm older than you, but I really like you. I didn't know til' now you liked stuffed animals either." he said, his voice so innocent.
You giggled and blushed, "I like sweets to, would you like one?" you asked, and pulled out two Snicker bars from your pocket.
"Yummy!" and Honey, as he took the wrapper off of his.
After you ate Honey's face turned serious, "__, I meant what I said earlier. You're really sweet and nice, and I'd like to see you more."
"I don't know...." you mumbled.
"I'll make sure there's always a cake whenever you come!" Honey said, pleading with those big eyes of his.
You laughed, "As long as it's chocolate."
"Yay!" Honey exclaimed, and tackled you in a hug.
"Time's up!" shouted Haruhi, and you handed Honey Usa-Chan s you both stood up, but he shook his head.
"Uh-uh, you hold onto him for awhile, I think he likes you!" he said, and you giggled as he took your hand and led you out of the closet, back to the table where the two of you at sweets for the rest of the party.

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