U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 47

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Chapter 1

Now It's A Game Of Who Can Lie The Best

I said after a couple minutes of making out with Chaz, "I can't kiss you anymore. If Justin sees, he will be heartbroken." Chaz asked looking confused, "He didn't tell you?" I asked mirroring Chaz's expression of confusion, "Tell me what?" Chaz said as I got off of him, "Justin's dating Christian's sister, Caitlin." I said feeling like someone had just taken a knife to my back, "He didn't tell me anything about that." Chaz said, "I shouldn't have told you. Justin made us promise that we wouldn't tell you except Christian because he doesn't know about it. He even made Avalon promise that." I said feeling like Justin had lied to me which he had, "At least you told me and I appreciate that. But now I'm going to have to have a talk with Justin." Chaz asked as I got up from the bed, "So, in other words, you're going to beat him up?" I said wanting to do more than beat Justin up, "Yep. Want to come watch the show?" I heard Chaz get up from the bed and follow me to the living room.

-In The Living Room-

I said stepping in front of the flat screen TV, "Pause the game." Ryan said motioning for me to move out of the way, "No. Now move." I said not really in the mood for people who didn't want to listen to me, "I said pause the damn game now." Neither Ryan nor Justin nor Cody nor Christian paused the game and that was the last straw for me so I grabbed one of the controllers from Cody and paused the game. I said throwing the controller back at Cody with a little more force than needed, "Now that I got everyone's attention. You should all know that I know about Justin dating Caitlin." Justin said as he glared at Chaz who had taken refugee behind me, "I can explain, Cheyenne." I snapped not wanting to hear his lame excuses anymore, "I don't want to hear your lie anymore, Justin. Thats all you do is lie and its the only thing that you can actually do well. To think that I almost let the thought of me making out with Chaz make me feel guilty. But I guess I'm not the one that should be feeling guilty. You said you loved me, Justin but I guess that was just another lie." Justin said looking defenseless, "I wasn't lying when I told you that I loved you, Cheyenne. I don't know why I started dating Cailtin when I knew that Kendall was breaking up with you and I finally had a chance with you." Christian said butting into the fight, "Justin! You're dating my sister and you were just kissing Cheyenne. I can't believe that you would do something like that." Ryan said, "I should have just told Cheyenne the truth the first chance that I got because I knew that you were playing her but I thought that my loyalty to Justin was stronger then my loyalty to Cheyenne." I snapped not wanting anyone to feel bad for me, "I don't want any of you to turn against Justin because of what he's done. I think that me just hating him will hurt him enough." Justin said before I walked out of the room and he had tears in his eyes, "I'm sorry, Cheyenne. Okay? I'm sorry. Just don't hate me." I said letting the acid and hatred into my voice, "You're sorry's mean next to nothing to me anymore. I hope you get your happily ever after with Caitlin, Justin because that won't be happening with me." I walked out of the living room but not before I punched Justin in the stomach with as much force as I could muster up.

I walked into my bedroom and slammed the door shut not even bothering to look to see if Chaz had followed me or not.

-A Couple Minutes-

I heard yelling coming from the living room and I got up from the bed and walked to door. I opened the door but just enough so I could hear everything that was being said clearly. I heard Justin yell probably at Chaz, "I can't believe that you would make out with the girl I love! And you know how I feel about her!" Chaz yelled back, "It isn't my fault that you don't know how to treat her right when you finally get a chance with her! If you weren't such a jerk 99.9% of the time maybe she would want to be with you!" Justin yelled, "I do treat her good and she loves me until some new guy comes around like you!" Chaz yelled, "Cheyenne and I dated before now so this relationship has nothing new about it!" That shut Justin up but not for long because I heard someone probably Ryan shout, "Justin! He's your best friend!" I walked out of the bedroom at that point and I saw Chaz laying on the floor holding his nose and blood was running through his fingers. I asked running over to Chaz and grabbing a tissue on my way, "What happened?" Cody said, "Justin punched Chaz in the face." I turned to glare at Justin and he looked down in shame. I said to Chaz who now had the tissue pressed against his nose, "Come on. Let's go clean you up, you're covered in blood." Chaz and I walked to the bathroom and I grabbed a washcloth and got it wet. I said taking the bloody tissue from Chaz, "This might hurt a little but I'll make it better later." Chaz said smiling, "Okay." I said finally noticing that Chaz had a busted open lip too, "Justin really hurt you, didn't he?" Chaz said wincing as I pressed down gently on his lip, "Yeah." I said after wiping away the blood and taking his face in my hands, "I'm sorry." Chaz asked, "Why are you sorry? You didn't hit me." I said, "Yeah but I am the reason why Justin hit you." Chaz said, "True but I would get hit for you any day." I asked, "Do you still like me?" Chaz said as he took my hand in his and pulled me out of the bathroom, "Yeah. You aren't the kind of girl that a boy gets over quickly." I asked, "Would you ever date me again?" Chaz said as we entered my bedroom, "Yeah but only if you wanted to." I said just wanting to get over Justin, "I love you, Chaz. Will you be my boyfriend?" Chaz said smiling and before pulling me into a kiss, "Yes." I was so happy to have Chaz as my boyfriend but I couldn't help but think about how Justin might feel when he finds out.......


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