U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 49

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Chapter 1

Welcome Back To GRHS

I was being woken up by the sound of someone whispering in my ear, "Hey Chey. Wake up, we're home." I said pushing Justin's face away, "Just 5 more minutes." Justin said laughing a little as he took my hand off of his face, "Then I guess you don't want to see your friends then." I snapped awake at the sound of that because I was going to see my other friends who I hadn't seen since I left to New York City to see Justin. Justin said smiling, "I knew that would wake you up." I said putting my left hand on Justin's cheek and thinking how much I loved to see him smile, "Yep. Though if you kissed me then that would have woke me up too." Justin said putting his hand on top of mine, "I know but I don't think Chaz would have liked the site of me kissing you." I said, "Yeah. He wouldn't have liked that at all." Justin said, "Let's go and see our friends. By the way, I forgot to tell you that on Monday, we'll be going back to school." I asked not even knowing what day it was, "What is today's date?" Justin said looking down at his iPhone, "It's August 29th." I said, "Wow. School starts in four days. We spent the whole summer in Brazil filming a movie and touring the country." Justin said, "We've probably had the most interesting summer of anyone that we go to school with." I said laughing, "Yeah. We did."

-After We Got Off Of The Plane-

After making it through the crowd of paparazzi, we got inside a black limo that was waiting for us. We got home an hour later and I didn't think that I would ever be happier to see my home. I saw my friends standing on the front lawn and I jumped out of the limo almost falling out when my foot got caught in Chaz's backpack strap. I ran to hug Andrea who I had not seen since the day that we hung out at the local park which was the funnest day ever.....


I was laying on the living room couch watching Teen Mom when I heard a knock at the door. I didn't want to get up so I yelled, "Come in! It's unlocked!" Only after I said that, that I realized that it could be a murderer but luckily it only Andrea. I asked as she sat down on my stomach, "What did ya want?" Andrea said, "First of all, don't just tell someone that the door is unlocked and they can just come in. Second of all, you're coming to the park with me." I asked, "What are we going to do at the park?" Andrea said picking up a backpack that I had not realized that she had brought in with her, "We're going to play some basketball. We need to get shape for next season." I said groaning a little, "I'm already in shape." Andrea said getting off of me then pulling me up off the couch, "Nope. You are coming with me, no matter what. I'll tie you up and drag you there if I have to. Now come on." I said, "Fine. I'll go. Just let me put on my basketball shoes. Okay?" Andrea said, "Okay. Hurry though." I said as I made my way way upstairs, "Sure, sure." I found my basketball shoes when I almost tripped over them when I first walked inside my bedroom. I pulled them on and ran back downstairs with a bag that had a water bottle and my swim suit because the pool was right next to the basketball court and knowing Andrea, she would want to swim afterwards.

-My Swimsuit-


I walked into the living room and Andrea said, "Let's go girly." We walked down to the park and played basketball for awhile until we were all sweaty and kind of gross. So, we went to change into our swimsuits and went for a swim to help cool us down. There was a group of boys trying to flirt with us but we ignored them and they followed us home and we got scared so we called Cody and his friend Bryce to walk us home......

-Andrea's Swimsuit-


-Flashback Over-

Andrea said, "I haven't seen you in forever. I've missed you so much." I said feeling like it's been an eternity since I saw her, "I know. I've missed you too." Then, I hugged my other friend Zeke who I had the biggest crush on since the sixth grade and he held on to me like he would never see me again. After Zeke let me go, I went to hug Bryce then my other friends, Isaiah, Anna, Taylor (a girl), Tori, Liam, Dilan, Shayla, Myka, Julia, Sandra, Josh and Joel. By the time that I finished hugging everyone, they had all gotten hugs from Ryan, Chaz, Justin, Christian, Cody and Avalon.

We inside and left our suitcases in the living room because we didn't want to carry them all the way upstairs.

We walked into my bedroom and everything was just as I had left it when I left. It felt nice to be home. I said laying on my bed with my head on Justin's stomach and my feet on Chaz's lap, "We should do something?" Cody asked from his spot on the floor, "Like what?" Bryce said from his spot on the floor by my bathroom, "We could to watch a movie but what movie?" Zeke said from his place on my bed where I had my butt in his lap, "We can go watch Beastly." We all turned to look at him because we thought that he would never like a movie like that. I said, "I actually wanted to see that movie." Isaiah said getting up from the floor, "Okay. Let's go."

I drove with Zeke, Chaz, Justin, Cody, Bryce, Andrea and Avalon in my Range Rover while everyone else drove in Ryan's car.

-19 Minutes Later-

We finally got to the movie theatre and the paparazzi surrounded us immediately. I mumbled, "Oh great! I hate the paparazzi sometimes." Justin said from his seat in the back, "I think we all do sometimes." We got out the car and walked into the movie theatre. We bought our tickets and bought our snacks like popcorn, soda, candy and nachos. We went to sit down and I sat between Justin and Zeke while Chaz sat on the other side of Justin next to Ryan. As the movie started, I felt someone grabbed onto my hand but I was so into watching the previews that I didn't think too much about it and I just let whoever hold my hand.......


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