I Never Knew What I Was Missing -A Ponyboy Curtis Love Story-

I Never Knew What I Was Missing -A Ponyboy Curtis Love Story-

I LOVE THE OUTSIDERS! Ponyboy especially!! This story takes place 4 years ahead of the book, so Pony would be turning 18, and so will you. AND YES Dally and Johnny are still alive, for now >:) I HOPE YOU ENJOY!! -XoXo, Sam <3

Chapter 1

This Ain't No Tulsa...

I walked down the dusty sidewalk, kicking a rock as i moved. My hands shoved deep in my pockets, sweat forming on my brow. I hate Texas. It ain't the same as Tulsa, the place i consider my ''actual'' home.

I'd been forced to move here after my jerk of a dad "quit his job", sure, been fired is more like it. I've been here for nearly 4 years and im just as miserable now as i was the day i left.

See, not only was i ripped away from everything ive ever known and loved. I was taken away from my gang. Sure, i was only 14 at the time, but those guys were my family.

Sodapop was like my big brother, Darry protected me, Two-Bit was my buddy, Johnny was alway able to calm me down anytime i was heated, Dally and I had out diffences, but he was still there for me...and then, theres Ponyboy.

My best and closest friend. Him and i were inseperable, I swear i must have been at the Curtis house everyday that summer before i moved...


''"I dont want you to go..." Ponyboy said, sitting on the edge of his bed, his back to where i was. I looked out his window, my eyes watering, "You think im excited about this? I dont wanna go either.." I say, struggling to hold back my tears''

''I heard him get off the bed and walk over to where i was standing, "Sam..." i heard him whisper, "What am I suppose to do without you?" his voice was weak, almost like he had no fight left in his body. I sniffled to myself and crossed my arms, then i slowly turned around to face him, my head hanging low''

''"Pony, I-I" I stammered, but i couldnt get the words out. I looked up at him with tearfilled eyes and threw my arms around his neck, he instinctivley wrapped his strong arms around my waist, I sobbed into his shoulder, "Im gonna miss you so much Pony.." He pulled back and gave me a gentle smile''

''He stroked my cheek with his thumb, wiping away tears falling down it. "Come on now, dont make you being sad the last thing i see before ya leave, I need to see that smile..." he said putting his hand under my chin, I looked at his hazel eyes and couldnt help but smile, "There you go, thats the Sam I love.."''

''We sat there for a few more hours just talking about our friendship over the years, but then my dad came with the moving truck, i hugged everyone goodbye, saving Pony for last, "Love you Pone.." I whispered as we hugged, "I love you too, Samantha"''

End Of Flashback

I tear up everytime i think about that day, Pony was so sweet, so kind, he was more than a friend to me that day. That was the weird thing though, we had always said we loved eachother and hugged eachother, but he never called me by my full name, I was always Sam to him. Sam, his best friend; though Two-Bit always said we'd make a cute couple, and I had to admit, I found myself fantasizing about Ponyboy more than once, well that started after i walked in on him in the shower.

I was still kicking the rock, but stopped when i got to my house. "Great" i mumbled to myself, my dad was home. He's usually out getting drunk right about now.

I opened the door as silently at i could, minus the creak and stepped inside. After i shut the door and turned back around, i saw my dad, and his best friend in his right hand, a bottle of Jack Daniels, "Whuure the hel*l ave you bin?!" He slurred

"I was out. why the heck do you care?" i spat back at him, big mistake, he hit me across the face with the bottle

"You lil tramp, you bin horin' aroun' ain'tcha!!" he screamed while he kicked me, I crawled away and used the chair to support myself, "Fvckk you old man! Im almost 18 years old, i dont need this!"

"I want youhh outaa ere!! You no good trammpp!!" He screamed pushing me into the door, "Ive been waiting for you to say tht! Good riddence old fool!!" I grabbed my backpack, filled it with what it would hold and ran out of the house, i had about 65$ i'd been saving up.

I touched my busted lip and winced, home is where your heart is, and my heart definitely ain't here.

I went to the bus station, got a ticket and knew exactly where i was heading...


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