Collection of Scary Campfire Stories

Collection of Scary Campfire Stories

If you have been sent this chain story, than congrats! You get to add a chapter!
Here are the rules:
1. The story should be an original that you have made up yourself, and it must be scary!
2. If you were sent this, you MUST write a chapter and send it along!
3. If you decide to take someone else's story, you have to write down the name of the person who told it to you.
4. You have to add a picture!
If you weren't sent this to write in, enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Shoemaker's Daughter

A man had a baby daughter. He loved his daughter very much. But his business went bankrupt, so he could no longer provide for her. He sent her a way, intending to pick up the trade of shoe-making. He sent the girl off to live with a distant relative until he could provide for her again. But the day after he sent for his relative to bring back his daughter, the man died.
Years later, the girl turned thirteen. A wrapped present appeared on the walkway to her house that morning. The girl looked for the tag, but couldn't find out who it was from. She decided to open in in her room. Inside the box was a pair of shoes and a note. The note read: "My beloved daughter; Today you turn thirteen, and I must say, you have grown so much since I last saw you. I wish you much luck in your year. Keep these shoes as a gift from me, your loving father. Do not insult me by not wearing them. Love, Your father."
The girl was very frightened by the note. As far as she knew, her father was dead. And he was dead. She immediately assumed that her cousin had played a joke on her. She marched up to his room and asked him why he had tried to scare her. But her cousin insisted he didn't.
The girl shoved the shoes in her closet, and forgot about them until the next year.
The next year, the girl turned fourteen. Again there was a wrapped box, but on the doorstep. And again there was a note. This time it said, "My Daughter: You have forgotten my present from last year? I am offended, but none the less, I have another for you, in case you lost the last pair. With love, Your Father."
The girl was scared, but remembered her suspicions of her cousin the last year. She pounded on his door and demanded an answer. But again, he assured her he did not.
The girl shoved the shoes in her closet and forgot about them until the next year.
The next year the girl turned fifteen. She was going to go out with her friends, but she remembered the presents the last two years. She went outside and looked around, but there was no box. She walked back inside, but tripped over a box. She picked it up and opened it. And it contained a pair of shoes and a note. The note said, "My Sweet Daughter: Have you forgotten me? I am kind enough to send you these gifts made by my own hands and yet you forget about them almost immediately! If you don't want my gifts, then just tell me! From, Your Father."
The girl once more assumed her cousin had done it, but he again insisted he had not.
The girl shoved the shoes in her closet and forgot about them until the next year.
The next year the girl turned sixteen. She was walking downstairs, and tripped over a box on the steps. She picked up the box and didn't even bother looking inside. She didn't even bother looking at the shoes. She didn't even bother reading the note. She didn't even bother assuming he cousin had done it.
The girl tossed it into the fire and forgot about it until the next year.
The next year the girl turned seventeen. She found the box right outside her bedroom door. She was so enraged she threw the box behind her, marched right up to her cousin's door, and banged on it with all her strength. When her cousin didn't open the door, she marched inside. But what she saw scared her. Her cousin was hung in the room. Around his neck hung a note that said, "Maybe without him you'll have an easier time believing me. -Father."
The girl tossed all of the boxes into the fire, but couldn't forget about them like she had before.
The night before her eighteenth birthday, the girl stayed up late, scared about what had happened on her last birthday. She couldn't get any sleep, and watched the moon move in the sky. Around midnight, the girl heard footsteps on the stairs....
The next morning, the girl's aunt came upstairs to see her. But when she entered the room, she screamed and ran away. The girl was hung inside her room, her flesh torn open by a knife and her heart cut out. Around her neck was a sign that read, "And now you must know how I feel, my once beloved daughter. -Your Murderer."

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