U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 45

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Chapter 1

Those Awkward Moments

Justin and I looked up and saw Pattie standing in the open door way. Justin as I got off of him, "Hi mom. Whatcha doing?" Pattie said trying hard to hide a smile, "Nothing, I just arrived. Hello Cheyenne." I said blushing and waving sheepishly, "Hello Pattie. How are you?" Pattie said, "I'm good. How are you?" I said, "I'm great. Thanks." Pattie said looking at me then at Justin, "Well I'm going to go my room now." Justin said, "I thought that you were staying in Atlanta to do business with Scooter?" Pattie said, "I lied. I just wanted you to have some alone time with Cheyenne and I thought me catching a later flight would help with that." Justin nodded his head and asked, "Can I stay with Cheyenne tonight?" Pattie said before walking away, "Okay. Just be responsible." Justin said, "That's gross, mom." Pattie said, "I didn't mean it that way, Justin." Justin said, "I think that you did but okay. Bye. I love you." Pattie said before we heard a door close, "Bye honey. I love you too." Justin said turning towards me, "We should really close the door before we decide to make out because we always seem to get caught." I said giggling, "Yeah. We just have bad luck." Justin said laughing along with me, "We don't have bad luck. We just need to remember to close and lock the door when we kiss." I said, "Okay. Remember that next time." Justin said, "I don't ever remember anything when I kiss you. I just forget about everything when you're in my arms because you're all that matters." I said, "That sounds cheesy." Justin said, "It does but it's true." I said, "We should play a game of basketball." Justin said smiling, "Okay. You might want to change first." I asked, "Why?" Justin said laughing a little, "Because your wearing a dress and flip flops. You can't play basketball in a dress." I said smiling and getting up from the bed, "You would be surprised by what I can do in a dress." Justin said, "That sounds dirty." I said, "I didn't mean it to but if it makes you feel better. I'll change into some shorts and a shirt."

I walked over to my baby blue suitcase and opened it and grabbed a pair of black basketball shorts, a tight purple tank top and my old Green River Wolves hoodie with my last name going down one sleeve and my first name going down the other sleeve with my jersey number on the back. Then I looked through my other suitcase and found my old black, green and white basketball shoes that I had written my jersey number, 52 onto the side. I looked up to find Justin watching me and he looked away when he saw that I saw him looking at me. I walked into the bathroom to change.

-10 Minutes Later-

I walked out of the bathroom and I had tied my hair into a sloppy ponytail. Justin said once he saw me, "Wow. You look good." I said, "Whatever. Not even Megan Fox can make this outfit look good, let alone me." Justin asked, "Whose shorts are those?" I said looking down at them, "They're Chaz's basketball shorts." Justin asked looking a little jealous, "How did you get Chaz's shorts?" I said, "I wore them when I spent the night at his house." Justin asked, "What were you doing at his house?" I said remembering that neither Chaz or I told Justin about us dating, "Nothing. Just hanging out." Justin just shrugged and I said as I put my shoes on, "Let's go play some b-ball." Justin threw on a shirt before we left. We went downstairs to the basketball court.

-At The Basketball Court-

Justin said after we played a short warmup game, "We should make this interesting." I asked dribbling the ball that I had found in Avalon's backpack that was sitting in the living room of the hotel room, "How?" Justin said, "By when one of us makes a point, the other one has to take off a piece of clothing." I said kind of liking the idea, "Okay. Sounds fun." Justin said smirking, "It will be." We started playing and I scored the first point and said smiling, "Lose the shirt, Bieber." Justin took of his shirt and threw it to the side of the court. Then, Justin stole the ball from me and scored. Justin said mirroring my smile from earlier, "Lose the hoodie, Setzer." I took off the hoodie and threw it where Justin had threw his shirt. I got the ball from Justin but when I went to make a shot, Justin stole the ball and a make a basketball himself. Justin said smirking and pointing to my tank top, "The tank top has got to go." I said feeling totally comfortable about only being able to play in my hot pink sports bra, "Okay." I saw Justin's eyes widen when I was taking my tank top off. That gave me a chance to steal the ball from him and make a shot. I said smirking and pointing to his shorts, "Lose the shorts, Bieber." Justin took off his shorts and was left only in his boxers which was an amazing site. Justin said coming towards me, "I think that the game is over unless you want me to take my boxers off next." I said blushing, "No. The game is over." Justin got closer to me and he leaned in and kissed me. We stood there kissing when we heard someone say, "Oh.....Justin is going to get some tonight." Justin and I pulled away from the kiss and saw Ryan, Chaz, Christian, and Cody standing there smiling and trying not to laugh. Justin said walking over to where our clothes were, "Shut up guys." Justin threw me my shirt and hoodie but I was too busy hugging Cody to catch them. I said realizing that I was probably sweating, "I'm sorry. I'm probably all sweaty and gross." Cody said, "Its fine." Then I hugged Chaz and he held onto me a bit longer then necessary. After I hugged every one of them, I put my tank top and hoodie on. We were walking towards my hotel room when..............


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