I loathe you Saga:Jake..Has..Gone..To..Far..(6)

I loathe you Saga:Jake..Has..Gone..To..Far..(6)

I'm in a really good today, I have to film a commercial for my dad.
And Kevin G Schmidt(a.k.a Kendall Schmidt's big bro) talked to me yesterday. :)
AND My new music video is better then I thought it be, please watch it and comment on it!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCAB76O28R0&feature=channel_video_title
and last, but not least, I'm posting a chapter to I loathe you today!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Please comment, and fav, cause it makes the story alive.:)

Chapter 1


Sitting next to Jeremy, I explained everything that happened early that day with my parents.
Now he sat, with his eyes looking down at his hands, and playing with the high school ring on his finger.
He always did this when he was in deep thought, or upset.
"I think they do care Victory, I think they just know your not a little girl anymore, they can't control you." he admitted.
I rolled my eyes.
Ok, I get that already, but I just wish they thought differently.
He must have seen the upset look on my face, for he brushed the hair out of my eyes, and tilted my face up to look at his.
"Victory, they trust you, they just want makes you happy, and if it's that's me, they wont judge you."
I sighed and ran my fingers across the park bench we were sitting on.
My mom brought me here once when I was little, she told me the story behind this rusted, splintered, bench.
The bench that fans chased them off of, and drove them home, where my unwanted brother Nate was created.
Jeremy, out of the blue, kissed me quickly, and then pulled away.
"I'm sorry, I thought you needed a pick me up.."
I giggled.
"I love you."
I felt his arms tighten around me.
"I love you even more."
"I don't event think that's possible." I told him.
He laughed.
The next day...
I was walking up to Jeremy's house, which in the next two minutes I'll decide was the worse decision in my life.
His dad, Jake, answered the door.
"Um, is Jeremy here?" I asked.
He stared at me funny, which made me feel uncomfortable.
"No, Jeremy's out.. say, are you the Jonas daughter?" he asked.
I nodded slowly.
Whatever made him do this next, is beyond me, but he grabbed around the neck, and dragged me inside.
I fought, and tried to kick the guy.
"What the heck are you doing?! Put me down!" I screamed, biting his arm.
He screamed, and threw me against the wall, my body throbbing now.
This is what my parents were trying to warn me about, they are not scared of Jeremy, their scared of his dad!
"Your just like Lauren, she fought me too, and anybody who fights me, well, let's just say it doesn't end well for them."
The guy crept towards me, but I had no clue what to do.
He was clearly stronger, I'd be dead, or taken advantage of no matter what I do.
I grabbed a vase, and hit Jake on the head with it.
It broke to pieces, and Jake crumpled to the floor.
Shaking, I ran out of the house, and several blocks down to my parents house.
I barged in, scaring both of them.
I must have been a sight, for my body was shaking uncontrollably, my shirt was torn, and my hands were bleeding from the glass vase I broke.
"Victory, what happened?!" My mom asked, taking my hands in hers, and examining them.
My dad looked at me with equal concern.
I started crying.
"I went to see Jeremy, but Jeremy wasn't home, just his dad. and his dad took that as an advantage, he tried to hurt me." I explained, the crying made me shake even more.
"Oh my dear!" My mom cried, pulling me into a hug, and kissing my head.
My dad simply stared, as if he were trying to let the truth sink in.
"Mom, I was never so scared, he was going to kill me." I told her, my heart felt like it had stopped beating.
"It's ok." My mom assured me, holding me close.
I watched my dad clench his fists, and him shake his head.
"Jake has gone to far." he said, walking out of the room.
I watched five minutes later, as he left the house sticking a gun in his pocket, and slamming the door on his way out.
I cried harder on my mom's shoulder, as she assured me everything would be alright.
It wouldn't be alright, I was scared of what I was going to tell Jeremy...


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