A Nat Wolff Love Story

Heyy everyone!! I am SO sorry this took SO long adn yeaa! IM SORRY I LOVE YOU ALL AND I HATE MYSELF FOR NOT WRITING :(

here it is!!! long i hopee..??? ITS THE ENDDD!!! :(


Chapter 1

Part 44

"What is he going to do Cooper?" You scream through the phone while also running as fast as you possibly could towards the location he was at.

As you arrive, you see a bunch of people crowded at the bottom of a building. Your eyes trailed upwards and you see Nat, standing at the top looking out towards the sky.

"IS HE STUPID?!" You scream to yourself. You run through the front door and up all the flights of stairs, your breathing however decides to attack you and make you pant heavily.

You reach the roof entrance and see Cooper and Alex standing there. Alex is clearly upset, his eyes slightly tearing. Cooper is a mess, pacing back and forth.

"We can't get in!!" Alex screeches, rushing over to you.

You bite your lip and give him a reassuring hug.

"Don't worry." You whisper. You take the bobby pin out of your hair and sprint over to the door, aiming the pin at the lock. You carefully open the door handle and make your way through onto the rough.

Suddenly Nat turns around to look at you hearing the click of the opening door.

"_?" He asks, startled.

"NAT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" You scream to him, tightly hugging your sweatshirt around your body as the wind kicks in.

"You don't love me anymore. I screwed up." He says.

"Nat what are you tralking about? Come over here and let's talk about this!" You scream to him, freaking out internally.

"No! You don't want me!"

"Nat! Shuttup! Listen to me! Do you want me to die?" You ask, shakily.

He shakes his head fircely. Something was not normal with him today..

"No! Never!" He exclaims.

"Then don't you dare jump because I will jump RIGHT after you!"

"NO!! NO!! NO!!" He screams, running over to you.

He wraps his arms around you and you shove your head onto his chest.

"Thankyou Nat. Thankyou." You say, breathing a sigh of relief.

Soon you hear an ambulance coming and you hold onto him. You don't let go.


"_? You okay?" You hear David ask you.

"Hmm? Yea, im fine David." You smile weakly at him. He pats your back and sits down next to you on the hospital chairs.

You had been waiting for an hour as they ran countless tests on Nat to see what had happened to him.

"I know you are not fine, _. I know you too well."

You look up at him and find tears running down your cheek.

"Oh _. Come here." He says, giving you a hug. You sink into him, your arms wrapping tightly around.

It felt good to have someone; a friend who was there for you. Even though you had others, this time with David still felt nice.

You break away and smile at eachother.

You lean onto Qaasim and stare at the wall.

As soon as you feel your eyelids begin to droop with your head on Qaasim's shoulder, you hear a door slam open and a high-pitch screech.

"NATTY-POO?" Allie screams, rushing to the hospital front desk.

"You have GOT to be kidding me." Qaasim says and you laugh quietly at him along with David and Thomas.

"_! Thank gosh your here!!" She says sadly, skipping over to you.

"Me?" You ask, compeltely confused as to what she is talking about. You both hated eachother and everyone knew.

"Yeah, i'm so so sorry!" SHe sobs, tears rolling down her face. "Here, let's talk over there in the corner!" She says, taking your hand and quickly going towards a stray orner in the waiting room.

"What's up?" You ask impatiently.

"I have to apologize. For everything." She says.

Your mouth drops open.

"For flirting with Nat, for trying to get him back, and for what happened most recently while you were on tour." She continues.

"And what exactly happened..?" You ask her, fiddling nervously with your shirt.

"Well, he wasn't feeling too great, so I gave him a pill bottle. But I knew they were perscription that I found in my cabinet. They weren't for a cold, they were drugs basically. They made him crazy and he did things he would NEVER do in real life _
." Your eyes widen and you keep listening.

"Those pills made us kiss, _. It was completely me, because I gave him the pills to make him act reckless and I leaned in and started kissing him. And then, I made sure there was a papparazzi outside to get the picture, so you would see it. THen you would break up with Nat and me and him would be together! It was a perfect plan really."

You stand there, horrified. She realizes your expression and continues even more.

"But then I realized how wrong I had been. Nat would have never done that out of his own will. I was just jealous."

"Of what..?" You ask.

"Of you _! You have it all! Your beautiful, famous, sweet, smart, and you have an amazing boyfriend who loves you! You are all I could ever want to be! I wanted to have your life, but I did it the wrong way. Nat loves you okay? Never forget that because he truly does. I can see it in his eyes. I am truly sorry, _. I honestly hope you can forgive me."

Allie ends her little story and stares at you, directly in your eyes.

You pause, waiting, and finally answer, "Yeah. Of course."

Her eyes light up and she jumps up and down repeatedly. You groan inwardly and put your hands on her shoulders to stop her.

"On a few conditions." You say.

"Anything!" She replies happily.

"Well, you have to leave Nat alone when it's about me and him because it's our relationship. You also have to try to stop spreading rumors about EVERYONE and stop drama. And you have to agree to be my friend, so were nice to eachother."

"Of course!!! Obviously _!" SHe say, smiling hugely. You smile back just as wide.

You both walk back smiling just as a doctor comes out of the room. You are still a little shocked at what Allie did. I mean she drugged your boyfriend just to kiss him and try to get you two to breaup? Phsyco much? BUt the past is the past right?

"__, Nat has asked to see you in his room." You nod and walk into his little hospital room.

"_?" Nat croaks out towards you. He sounds sleepy and sad.

"Hey baby." You say, weakly smiling towards his figure.

"Can I explain the whole thing to you?" He asks sadly.

You go over to his bed and sit on the side. He sits up so he can put his arms around you and you rest your head on his chest.

"Nah, Allie already told me the whole thing." You say.

"She did..?!" He asks, completely surprised.

"Yeah, were somewhat friends now." You say, nervously laughing a little.

"So you know it's not my fault? Well, partly for taking them, but yea??" He asks, confused.

"Of course Nat! And don't worry about any of it. It's prefectly fine. yOu had no idea." You say and snuggle into him.

"Good. Hey _?"

"Yes?" You answer, looking up at him.

"I love you." He says, smiling and showing all of his teeth to you.

You can't help but smile back.

"I love you too Nat." You say and lean in for a kiss.

You sit there and kiss. It's passionate and long. It gave all of your past feelings an even bigger revival.

You pull away and smile at eachother again.

As you melt into Nat's arms you feel him lightly kiss the top of your head.

"I love you _," he repeats as you drift off to sleep. But before you become unconcious you hear him say, "I always will."

<3the end<3


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