Tears on my face (Damen Salvatore love story)

sad story

Chapter 1

First Day

"Jenna" grandma called "are you ready". "Almost gran" I said as I ran down the stairs. "Let me see my beautiful grand daughter before her first day of high school". I stood up straight, with my red backpack, My long brown hair covering my brownish golden eyes. Gran gently pushed my fringe out of the way "there's my sweetheart now get on you don't wanna be late". I ran out the front door and on to the bus. There in the back row I saw I man, brown hair grayish blue eyes he was perfect. I gathered my courege and went to go sit with him. My heart started pounding harder and harder every time i got nearer. "Hi I am Alex" "Hey i'm Damen" his voice was like a thousand violens playing in my head. "May I sit here Damen" "Sure Alex". Damen looked at me " Alex would you like to go out for dinner sometimes" i couldn't believe my ears "of course today at 5pm. Don't be late"............

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