Rayne Falling.(Ron Weasley Love Story).

Rayne Falling.(Ron Weasley Love Story).

Rayne is scared.Her Brother Draco Malfoy has already been marked with the sign.The Dark Mark.Will it be her next.Or will someone save her.Someone with bright locks of fire Ginger hair.Or will she possed by Voldemort.

Chapter 1

Dobby Came Back Mistress.

by: KyraWigg
Rayne woke in her dark room.Everything that she had once knew to be alright was gone.The house that had once been full of memories her family shared.Were gone.Voldemort was here and with him he brought the sadness of the souls that he had killed.
She got up and pulled on her white top that had a massive sunflower on it and her skinny jeans which were bright yellow.The put on her white converse hightops washed and ran down the desending staircases.
'Ahh she finally decides to show her face'said Lucius as she passed him in the hall.She pulled out her wand which was made from unbreakable glass and aimed it at her fathers head.She whispered a spell and Lucius drew his wand too.The curtains above Lucius' head opened and Rayne laughed as hysterically as Bellatric her Auntie.'Thanks for your faith Dad'Rayne said with a hint of sarcasim in her voice.She skipped down the rest of the hall and greeted her brother with a nice slap across the head.Rayne deeply cared for Drac and she could see all his fears because she had the power to open her mind and read other peoples then close theirs and hers when she had heard enough.
'LUCIUS WHY IS IT SO BRIGHT IN THIS CORRIDOR CRUCIO'yelled Voldemort to her father.Rayne ran out with Draco to see who He had done the Cruciatus curse too.It wasn't Lucius it was some man named Yaxley who Rayne believed was part of the death eaters and the ministry.Yaxley had gotten into Voldemorts way.Voldemort snapped the curtains shut but I opened them again.
Voldemort swooped over to Rayne.'Ahh yes Rayne the one of Light'he hissed.'Not Long now dear you are 17 in 2 days then you will belong to me'he whispered into her face.'Over my dead body'Rayne retored pulling her left arm out of his grip which was as cold as his heart.'That can be arranged'Voldemort said before dissapearing into the Darkness.Before rRayne knew it she was being pushed up the stairs towards her bedroom by her Father.'You have insulted the Dark Lord and brought shame upon our family'he said throwing her into her room.'Really me because I thought it was you when you dropped the Prophecy that did Voldemort a favour didnt it and I hope to Merlin that Harry will kick his white fat arse'Rayne said before here father shut the door on her face.
Rayne ran over to her bed and started crying.She hated her Father and felt that the only love she now recieved in her family was from Draco.The love of her Mother and Father now belong to the dark lord.Her crys filled the room.Rayne cried for 15 minutes untill she heared a small squeky Pop in the corner of her room.Rayne looked up and had her wand at the ready.'Don't be afraid Mistress Rayne'said a familiar voice Rayne knew to well.'Dobby?'She asked rising from her bed.'Dobby came back Mistress'said Dobby throwing all of Rayna's stuff into a trunk and putting her owl Hedhog into a cage.'Dobby what are you doing'she asked.'You treated Dobby like a person not an elf I owe unto thee the favour of freedom as I had been freed by Mr Harry Potter.'Dobby said smiling.'Now hold onto my arm nice and tight'he said.Rayne took his arm and was falling into a spaghatti mould and spining through the air.

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