My Halo story

This story is of me and my life in the Army fighting for Earth against The Covenent. I am a spartan. Noble Bear LOL.

Chapter 1


by: Bearboy
The objective was to get Noble Team to the ONI Bravo Base. I was pinned down by a bunch of Elites and grunts. Emile was wrestling an Elite to the ground and stabbing it. Kat was flying with a Jetpack above me and Jun,Carter and George were meant to be arriving in a falcon to push up to the base but there had been complications so we had to get to a new LZ (landing zone). Kat said 'Need some help'. I replied yes totally'. She passed me a Jet pack and we flew on to the new LZ. Once we got there we could see the falcon in the distance and we heard Carter on the radio saying get ready for evac. Suddenly a Brute with a Gravity hammer cam from behing me and tried to whack me i immediately turned around and leaped forward with my knife and stabbed him in the face. Kat asked me if i was okey and i said i'm fine. We got on the Falcon and set off towards ONI Bravo Base.


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