calls of the night

write a chapter and pass it on its really fun and thank you scorn for giving me the idea of staring one of these!

Chapter 1

creatures in the dark

Genevieve twisted in the ropes around her wrists.the rough material turned her skin bright red and a drop of blood trickled down her wrist and onto the bleach white snow around her.

the foreboding tree line surrounding her was full of wild predator catcalls that shook down to her bone.a single flame that spilled a pool of light around her feet stood above her head.her platinum hair fell straight around her shoulders and it swished as she turned her head to and fro.she let out a angered growl and pulled at the rope once more.

then the sound of the animals in the wood silenced.then slowly the reverberating roar of the monster coming to get her shook her until she felt like she would die of fear.the yellow eyes appeared in the trees.the form of its huge haunched furry body stood in the darkness.she could barely make out the glint of its canine like fangs in the darkness before it raised it head and let out a baleful howl that made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

hopeless she fell down onto her knees in the cold snow letting it dampen her dress that hadn't been worn to the prom .that was where she was heading before a couple of fellow high schoolers thought it a cool joke to tie her out in the woods and come back for her in the morning.a tear slid down her cheek as the creature and its wolf like form neared her.....

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