U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 56

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Chapter 1

First Day Of School

Chaz, Justin and I made our way upstairs to geometry class while everyone else went to their first period classes.

I said as we got closer to the Mr. Andrews classroom, "I'm going to stop at my locker and threw the stuff that I don't need in there. Okay?" Chaz said, "I'll stay with you." Justin said as he kept walking, "Okay. See you guys when you get to class. Don't be late." I said as I did my locker combination, "Sure, sure."

Chaz said, "I'm sorry about what happened with Alyssa." I said as I threw five out my binders in my locker and putting a mirror on the door that was held there by a magnet, "It's fine. It's not like you told someone about us having s^x." Chaz said looking guilty, "But Ryan was the one that yelled it in that store just a couple days ago." I said, "Yeah. That was Ryan and not you....." I was going to say something else when I felt like I needed to puke so I covered my mouth and slammed my locker shut before I ran to the girls bathroom that was just around the corner from my locker. Chaz asked walking into the girls bathroom as though he did it every day, "What's wrong, babe?" I said washing my mouth out, "I had to puke." Chaz asked, "Are you sick?" I said leaning against the sink and looking at him, "I don't think so." Chaz asked, "Could you be......" I said not wanting to him say what I knew he was thinking, "I hope not." Chaz said walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me, "If you are, everything will be okay." I said wanting to push him away but instead I just wrapped my arms around him, "I know. We better get to class."

Chaz and I walked to class in silence and when we walked into the classroom, the bell rang. Mr. Andrews said, "Nice to see you again, Ms. Setzer." I said remembering that he was the detention teacher, "Hey Mr. A. How's it going?" Mr. A said, "It was going good until you walked in." I said, "Whatever. You know that I'm your favorite student." Mr. A said, "Sure, sure. You are one big troublemaker." I said, "I know. But now that you have Justin and I in the same class, you are going to have your hands full." Mr. A said looking at Justin where he sat at the front of the classroom, "Yeah. I know. I have the schools biggest troublemakers in one class." I asked looking at everyone who were sitting in paid with two desks side-by-side, "Where do I sit?" Mr. A said pointing to the open seat next to Justin, "Right here next to Justin." I said going to take my seat, "Bad idea to sit us together." Mr. A said, "Behave. Chaz, you sit by Loren."

Mr. Andrews started teaching but I tuned him out and I was staring into space when I saw a note land on my desk.

I opened it and it said:

Cheyenne, tell Justin to keep his hands to himself.

I figured it was from Chaz because of the sloppy handwriting. I looked down to see what the hell Chaz was talking about and I saw that Justin had his hand on my upper thigh.

I wrote back to Chaz:

He isn't doing anything wrong so don't pay any attention to it and pay attention to the teacher not Justin and I.

I threw the note back at him without looking and I heard him say, "Ow." I turned around and saw him holding his left eye, I said, "Sorry." Mr. Andrews asked turning around to look at us, "Is there a problem?" I said, "Nope." He looked at me and Justin before turning back to the board. Justin and I bursted out laughing.

-After Class-

Chaz said walking to Justin and I, "Justin, please leave my girlfriend alone." Justin said, "I don't know what your talking about." Chaz said, "You had your hand on her upper thigh." Justin said as we walked out of the classroom, "You really should pay attention to the teacher and not us." Chaz said, "That's kind of hard to do when my best friend is feeling up my girlfriend." I said feeling like I was going to puke again, "Stop fighting."

I ran to the bathroom and puked again. I thought that today was going to be a long day for me......

-After School-

I said to Avalon as we walked out of yearbook class, "Ugh! Today has been the longest day of my life." Justin said as he was giving me a piggyback ride, "Yeah. Especially with you puking every 5 minutes." I said resting my head on top of his, "It was more like every 20 minutes." Justin said as we met up with Ryan, Christian, and Chaz, "Yeah. Watching you run to the bathroom was funny." I said, "It wasn't fun for me. I almost ran into a teacher when I was running to the bathroom during theatre." Justin just laughed as he set me down so I could walk out of the school building.

I caught a glance of Chaz looking at Justin and me as we were joking around with each other and acting like we were dating and he did not look happy with me or Justin.................


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