U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 57

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Chapter 1

What If.....

I dropped Justin, Ryan, Avalon, Andrea, Christian and Caitlin off at their houses then Chaz and I went to my house. I saw that my mom wasn't home so Chaz and I could talk about what if I was pregnant without worrying that my mom was listening in on us.

I got out of the car and grabbed my backpack from the backseat as Chaz started walking towards the house. I walked past him and unlocked the door and shut the door after he walked inside.

We walked up to my bedroom after I grabbed an apple from the kitchen and threw one to Chaz.

I said laying down on my bed and taking a bite of my apple, "So....." Chaz asked laying down beside me and laying on his side facing me, "What are we going to so if you're pregnant?" I said playing with the apple, "I don't know. We can have and keep the baby or have the baby and give it up for adoption or I could get an abortion." Chaz said as I took another bite of my apple, "I don't want you to get an abortion. I want to have the baby, I've always wanted to have a baby." I said, "Me, too but not when I'm only 15." Chaz said, "I don't want to be a dad at 15 either." I said not wanting to cause a fight, "If I am pregnant. What do you want to name our baby?" Chaz said as he took a bite of his apple, "Emma if it's a girl or if it's a boy Jacob." I said, "I love those names. What about middle names?" Chaz said, "Emma Lucy Somers. Then, Jacob Drew Somers." I said smiling at the sound of our baby having his last name, "I love it. But I want to to add Marie into Emma's middle name because that's Avalon's middle name and she is my best friend." Chaz said, "Yeah. Since we have Justin's middle name as Jacob's middle name." I said smiling, "Okay. How could I get pregnant though? You used a condom." Chaz said, "I did use a condom. Maybe it broke." I said, "It probably did break. What do you think that our parents will think?" Chaz said, "They will probably be mad at us at first time but they will get over it and be happy for us." I said, "Yep. What about our friends? What about Justin?" Chaz said, "Our friends will be happy for us but Justin might not be so forgiving." I said, "I hope that he will forgive us, it's not like we planned this." Chaz said, "Yeah." I asked wanting to change the subject, "Did you hear the girls sitting at the table next to us at lunch?" Chaz said, "No. What were they saying?" I said finishing my apple, "They were talking about how I spent my summer filming the movie then being casted in the show Glee." Chaz said, "Wow." I said, "Yeah. They were also talking about how hot they think you are now." Chaz said, "Oh I remember those girls. They looked kind of hot themselves too." I said getting up from my bed and walking into my bathroom, "Wow. Really nice, Chaz. Make me feel like crap, why don't you." Chaz said jumping up from bed, "No, Cheyenne. I was just joking." I said slamming the door shut in his face, "Yeah. Sure."

I locked the door and went to sit on the counter. I hopped up on the counter and I started crying. Chaz said through the door, "Come on, Cheyenne. Don't cry. You know I hate it when you cry. I'm sorry. Please unlock the door." I said my voice cracking, "No, Chaz. You hurt my feelings, whether or not, you were joking." Chaz said, "I'm going to wait out here until you come out."

I sat there crying and holding my stomach until I finally stopped and fixed my make up.

I unlocked the bathroom door and walked out to find Chaz sitting against the wall near the bathroom. Chaz said jumping up and pulling me into a hug, "I am so sorry, babe. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings and make you cry." I said as I wrapped my arms around him, "It's okay. We should start doing our geometry homework." Chaz said as he let go of me and I walked over to my backpack and pulled out my geometry book, "Okay. You're going to need to help me." I said as he pulled out his book, "Okay."

Chaz and I finished our homework. I said, "I'm hungry. I'm going to go find something to eat." Chaz said, "I'm coming with you."

We went downstairs and find some leftover pizza from my family's restaurant. I said as I took a bite of my pizza, "I love the restaurants pizza." Chaz said, "I do too." I said after finishing my fifth slice of pizza, "I'm tired. Want to come upstairs with me and watch a movie until we fall asleep?" Chaz said as we put our plates in the sink, "Yes, I would love to." I said as we made our way upstairs, "Okay. What movie do you want to watch?" Chaz said, "Um......A Nightmare On Elm Street." I said as we walked into my bedroom, "Okay."

I turned the movie on and went to put on my pajamas while Chaz put on some basketball shorts.

After putting my pajamas on I went to lay down next to Chaz and about half way through the movie, I fell asleep with Chaz's hand on my stomach......


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