U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 58

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Chapter 1

Is This A Mistake?

I woke up to the sound of something falling downstairs and I looked and saw that Chaz was still asleep. I got up from bed and quietly opened my room door and started to go downstairs into the darkness. I walked to the source of the noise which was the living room, I went to turn on a light when someone said, "Don't turn on the light. It's just me, Justin." I said jumping at the sound of his voice, "Oh my gosh, Justin. What the f^^k are you doing here?" Justin said, "I was home alone and I didn't want to stay there by myself." I said, "You could have called or texted me and told me that you were coming over instead of scaring me half to death." Justin asked, "So, I can stay here?" I said giggling and pulling him upstairs with me, "Of course."

I got a blanket and pillow off of my bed and threw it to Justin who was laying on the floor. I turned off the movie and TV and went back to sleep. I dreamt about the life that I was going to have with Chaz if I was pregnant. I decided that during lunch tomorrow, I would make a doctor's appointment for after school.

-The Next Day-

We got to school the next day, I didn't go anywhere near Chaz because for some odd, I just didn't want anything to do with him.

I walked into our geometry by myself because I had ditched Chaz and Justin once we walked inside the school.

Chaz asked as I went to sit down, "Where were you?" I snapped setting my geometry book on my desk, "You don't need to know. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself." Chaz said, "I wouldn't be so sure about that." I snapped sitting next to Justin who was looking franticly between Chaz and I, "Shut up. God! Justin was a much better boyfriend." Chaz snapped getting out of his seat, "Then break up with me and date your precious little Justin!" I yelled, "Fine! I'm breaking up with you!" Chaz said little a little hurt and mad, "Fine. I hope you and Justin are happy together. But just know I hate you." I said not wanting to be here, "I've got to go." Chaz and Justin asked, "Where are you going?" I said before I ran out of the room, "Somewhere away from here."

I ran out of the classroom and out of the school and away from everything. Where I was going? I have no idea, I just knew that I had to clear my mind.


I watched Cheyenne run out of the classroom after Chaz and her had a fight. I knew that I needed to go after her to see if she was okay.

I said turning my attention to Chaz after Cheyenne left, "Nice going, Chaz. I hope that you're happy that you hurt her." Chaz said as I picked up my backpack so I could leave, "I'm not. Trust me, I am far from being happy." I asked, "Why did you do that?" Chaz said as he walked up to me and punched me, "Because she loves you not me." I said as I fell to te ground after he hit me, "Yeah, I know. I love her, too. But that doesn't mean that you have to hurt her like you just did." Chaz said as I got up, "No, you don't. All you've done is hurt her." I snapped, "Just like you've done. At least I love her enough to chase after her."

I ran out of the classroom and I realized that I hadn't drove to school today so I thought quick and ran to Avalon's first class of the day, biology.

I yelled running into the biology classroom, "Avalon! I need to use your car! Give me, your keys!" Avalon asked reaching into her backpack, "Why?" I said knowing that this one word would sum it all up for her, "Cheyenne." Avalon asked looking both worried and mad, "What happened?" I said as she threw the keys to me, "Chaz." Avalon said getting out of her seat, "I am going to kill that boy. But I'm coming with you. I'll deal with Chaz later." I said as she grabbed her bag and ran to the door without even asking her teacher if she could leave, "Okay. Let's go."

Avalon and I ran to her car, I said unlocking the doors, "I'll drive." Avalon asked, "Do you know where she might have went?" I said thinking of the one place she would go to clear her mind, "Yeah."


I drove up to the park that overlooked the lake, it was the place that I met Justin when we were little kids. It's been Justin and I's favorite ever since and I always came here just to think about things.

I went to sit by a tree that had Justin and I's name craved into and I smiled when I saw it.

-A Couple Minutes Later-

Someone said from behind me, "I knew that you would come here." I said knowing the sound of Justin's voice, "Yep. It is our favorite place." Justin said coming to sit next me, "Yeah. We always come here when something is bothering us." I said leaning into his side, "Yeah. It's so calm and peaceful." Justin said wrapping his arm around my shoulder, "Yeah. I'm sorry about what happened." I said, "It's not your fault." Justin said, "It kind of is." I said looking at him since we first walked up and seeing s bruise forming on his right cheek, "No, it's not. What happened?" Justin said, "Chaz punched me." I said wanting to hurt Chaz for hurting Justin, "I am going to hurt him next time I see him." Justin said, "Don't worry about it. I'll be fine. Let's go to the mall." I asked, "Why do you want to go to the mall?" Justin said, "Because I know that shopping kind of makes you feel better." I said getting up and pulling him up with me, "Okay. Where's Avalon?" Justin asked, "How did you know that she came with me?" I said smiling, "Because I know that she would want to see if I was okay." Justin just smiled and I drove to the mall with Justin while Avalon followed us there in her mustang.

Little did I know that going to mall would ruin my plan of asking Justin out because he would meet a girl that was everything that I wasn't.......


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