Yin and Yang (A Weasley Twin Love Story)

Name:Gidget Crevey
Age:Same as the Twins
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Hair:Long and Brown with bangs
Eyes:Blue with glints of purple
Nicknames: Gigi,
Other: Thick round glasses, Short, kind of a Nerd but short tempered, Loves her little brothers, always has hair in ponytail.

Note: Reeeeaaallly old story, excuse shitty writing/grammar. I was 11 when i wrote this, lmao.

Chapter 1

The Letter

by: MelMalfoy
I was laying in bed with my feet propped up on my headboard when my little brother Colin came jumping into the room and onto my stomach "Hello Coliflower" i said "Hi Gigi" my 8 year old brother said happily as he bounced up and down on my stomach. "Stop it" i murmured since i was still half asleep, it was 7am and i had woken up to my father's banging around in the kitchen as he grabbed his deliveries and ofcourse this 8 year old tike had woken up early with 5 year old Dennis and 2 year old Jude to watch the cartoons.
"A letter came for you today" he said "oh did it now?" i asked he nodded "well are you gonna give it to me?" i asked "oh yeah" he said and ran downstairs and came back a few minutes later with a Yellowish letter clutched in his hand, i saw that it had a seal on it something that never occured in Modern days. I grabbed the letter and quickly skimmed through its contents "Hmph those idiot Wendys" i said referring to my Bullies who always made fun of me, i threw it into the electric fireplace then told my brother to turn it on but when he did th eletter simply jumpd back into my lap in one piece i turned it over and over then inspected all of it "its legit" i muttered "ill take care of that later" i muttered then i dragged my brother who was alot shorter than me and i was short so that was saying something to the Living Room were my 5 year old brother and my other 2 year old brother were sitting watching Cartoons blankly. I picked Jude up and put him on my hip then i grabbed Dennis' hand and led them into the kitchen, i sat Jude on the counter and then i put Dennis on it since Colin was old enouhg though he just leaned on the counter "so what do you want for breakfast today boys?" i asked. "Ice Cream!" Dennis said "for the 1000th time no" i giggled and poked his nose "alright then Pancakes!" He called "Yeah Pwancakes" Jude said "Yeah Pancakes" Colin said. I grabbed teh eggs and started to make the Pancakes, why am i making breakfast instead of my mom you might ask well see i dont have a mom at one point ofcourse i did but that was a long time ago when i was 6 my mom had left my father with Colin Dennis and Me, shed wanted to take me but my father wouldnt have it so he gave her his pride and joy his harley motorcycle so that i could stay with him. I wasnt even his kid though, my mom had shagged some guy when she was young and then she had me shed met my father when i was 2 and a year later theyd had Colin 3 years after that they had Dennisbut shortly after he was born shed left and dragged me along a few weeks later my dad made the trade. When we all thought that my dad was going to finally be happy with another woman because theyd had Jude she left him also and so thats how he ended up with 4 kids and none of us had a mother. Dad worked alot so i acted as a replacement for him at home. "Do you need any help?" Colin asked, he always tried to help he was so sweet! "set the table and put Jude in his high chair please" i said and he nodded and picked Jude up and put him down in the high chair then he helped Dennis get down and he grabbed 4 plates and started to set the table. When the Pancakes were done i put them on a big plate then set it down in the middle of the table and they all started to fight for the pancakes and the syrup but i was able to grab some before they bit each other's hands off. After Breakfast i put Jude and Dennis down for a nap and Colin started to talk to my father who was home after exchanging a few words i went into my room and started to inspect the letter again just then the Doorbell rang. "ILL GET IT!" i yelled as i walked down the stairs, i opened the door and saw a lady with a stern looking face who was wearing a flowery dress and rubber boots st6anding there "may i help you?" i asked "is this the residence of Gidget Creevey?" she asked "Gigi and yeah thats me" i said. "I think we better go inside" she said and i opened it further so she could step inside. "So what do you want exactly?" i asked "Umm well could i speak to your father aswell?" she asked i nodded and led her into the kitchen "Colin i think that maybe you should leave" i said and he looked like he wanted to argue but i gave him a look and he went upstairs "so whats this about has Gigi done something again?" my father asked referring to the many times ive tried to stop people from cutting down trees and stuff like that. "Ill just cut to the your daughter is a witch a literal witch"...

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