Yin and Yang (A Weasley Twin Love Story)

Name:Gidget Crevey
Age:Same as the Twins
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Hair:Long and Brown with bangs
Eyes:Blue with glints of purple
Nicknames: Gigi,
Other: Thick round glasses, Short, kind of a Nerd but short tempered, Loves her little brothers, always has hair in ponytail.

Note: Reeeeaaallly old story, excuse shitty writing/grammar. I was 11 when i wrote this, lmao.

Chapter 2

3rd year

by: MelMalfoy
"In the office again Ms.Creevey and you aswell Mr.Weasley" McGonagoll said and i simply bowed my head down lower so that my hair covered my face "i know why Ms.Creevel is here but why may i ask though i fear the answer are you here Mr.Weasley?" she asked. "Played a Prank on Filch" he said proudly 'if i knew which twin he was id think bad thoughts' i thought. "Detention both of you Friday night at 8" Mcgonagoll said "but ive got a date at 8" he whined "i am not interested in your dating life Mr.Weasley now off you go both of you" she said. I started to make my way to the Library when i heard footsteps i started to brace myself for the blow but noone knocked into me instead they stopped next to me "So what were you in there for Ms.Creevey?" it was the twin i chose to ignore him. I got into the Library and started to pull a few books down from the shelves then when i reached for one that would be okay height for a normal person i had to get on my tip toes but still no luck suddenly though a hand reached out and grabbed it i turned around and saw the twin "thanks" i mumbled and took the book."So why were you in the office?" he asked and again i ignored him "alright i like guessing games" he said "you mouthed off to Snape?" he asked and i snorted been there done that but no "alright then did you make fun of Quirrel?" he asked and i glared as i started to put my books at a table. "Am i close?" he asked and i stayed quiet "you tripped Filch?" he asked then he started to ask alot of Prank like questions "look i didnt get in trouble because i was having fun i got in troubl because i was trying to help because unlike you i care about others alright? I dont care about Pranks i dont care about Popularity" i growled. "Your a first year though, youll get over it soon" he said "im the same age as you! infact youve spent the past 3 years of my life making it hel" i said. "Oh" he said then when i turned around to storm off i knocked into someone and my glasses fell off my nose and to the floor i started to scramble on the floor looking for them but since i couldnt see very well that was going very good. "Dammit" i muttered as i knocked into my table "Ouch!" i shrieked when all my books tompled down and fell on my head and my hand crushed down on something, my glasses, i squinted and just faintly saw my crushed glasses on the floor "oh no!" i said "Reparo" i muttered but they only got back together slightly i muttered and i saw someones hand reach down and grab the broken glasses i looked up and saw red the Weasley twin "Dam these are like Magnifying glasses" he said at the repaired part "Yeah and thats why i cant see right now" i said and stood up knocking down even more books which fell onto my foot. "Who did i run into anyways?" i asked as i started to try to fix the glasses anyways "Fred" he said "so your George" i said and he nodded "im not getting theses fixed any time soon better write dad home" i muttered to myself and tried to walk out of the library but i knocked myself into the table "Ow" i mutted again "Okay i think wed better take you to your Common Room" Fred said "what house are you in anyways?" he asked "Gryfindor" i said hotly and stormed off using my barely able sight to avoid tables then i walked to the Gryffindor Common Room out of memory. As soon as i stepped through the door i raced up to my Dorm and then i dug in my bed side cabinet until i found my contacts then i put them on and everything got clearer. "Yes" i said then i grabbed a piece of Parchment and started to write my dad a letter because i desperatly needed new glasses. When id finished it i went out into the Common Room and again i smacked into someone "oh hey sorry have you seen.. Oh its you Gigi right?" It was George again and i nodded "so you can see again" he said and started to follow me out of the Common Room. I nodded again. "So were you headed?" he asked "im going to send my dad a letter i need new glasses theses contacts iritate my eyes too much" i said pointing to my slightly threaded looking pupils. "Ive heard" he murmured. I kept walking and he kept following me, i climbed up to a shelf to get my favorite owl it was a golden colored barn owl, i tied the letter to its leg then it flew off and i tried to climb back down but i fell, instead of hitting the floor though i felt a pair of strong arms catch me. I looked up and saw that familiar red head and his bright blue eyes "umm thanks" i mumbled and ttried to get loose of his hold but he was holding on tightly "whats the hurry?" he asked with a small smile "let me go" i growled slapping his chest "fine" he said and dropped his arms abruptly making me fall on my but "oh sorry here let me help-" he said but i cut him off "look stop trying to be nice to me all righ tfor the past 3 years of my life you and everyone else have been making fun of me alright? So dont try to be all buddy-buddy with me comprende?" i said then stormed off "oh and that smile might work to charm other girls but it doesnt work on me you git" i lied.

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