Yin and Yang (A Weasley Twin Love Story)

Name:Gidget Crevey
Age:Same as the Twins
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Hair:Long and Brown with bangs
Eyes:Blue with glints of purple
Nicknames: Gigi,
Other: Thick round glasses, Short, kind of a Nerd but short tempered, Loves her little brothers, always has hair in ponytail.

Note: Reeeeaaallly old story, excuse shitty writing/grammar. I was 11 when i wrote this, lmao.

Chapter 3


by: MelMalfoy
A/N:Okay so imma try out a bit of 3rd person POV okay just lettin yalls know

'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!' i thought as i layed in bed with my small cats Pixie she was orange and she looked so cute she like a kitten though she was 3 years old, my dad had bought her for me when id came to Hogwarts. 'Whyd i talk to him that way?' i thought 'the one time he actually acknowledges my presence and i have to bite his head off!' i thought angrily 'well no matter theres only a few weeks of school left then i can go back home to Colin, Denny, Jude and my dad and i can forget all about hot red-heads'. 'Wait what?' 'No Gigi remember ''never'' admit that you like him' i told myself, i thought that maybe if i ignored my feelings for the redhead that maybe theyd die down, no such luck! 'Why must he be so cute?' i wondered to myself...

Little did this little Brunnetter know a tall Red head was having the same coversation with his twin...

"Why does she have to be so irresistable?" i whined to Fred "you and i brother clearly have different opinions when it comes to Irresistability" he said lazily from his bed. "No im serious i mean shes so cute but i cant seem to say the right things around her!" i said as i sat up in bed "go to bed!" Fred whined "Fred!" i whined at him (alot of whining seemed to be going on) "alright!" he sat up in bed too. "You know why you cant say the right things around her? Because no one can! Shes a lunatic!" he said and flopped onto his bed again "no she-" i started to argue but my ''lovely'' twin threw a pillow into my mouth.

The next few weeks i avoided that particular red-head at all costs which for some reason didnt seem very hard. Finally i would be going home to be with Colin and Dennis and my Dad and Jude i missed them all so much and Jude was going to be 5! Also Colin had gotten accepted to Hogwarts! I was super excited to be back home so when i spotted my dad i practically jumped on him and when i saw Jude i picked him up in a hug (he was small for his age just like all Creevey's). "Hey ZZ" Colin said and hugged me "Colyflower" i said (i was never going to stop calling him that) "Denny!' I said cheerily to my brother "Gigi!" he said and hugged me.

The Summer was getting to be pretty hot and it wasnt going to be any easier being stuck in a house filled wih excited 4-6 year olds (today was going to be Jude's birthday party). I woke up early and got dressed in
My shirt fit pretty loosely so you could see my bra in parts but were it covered you couldnt see it so if i just kept my arms clamped down i should be fine! (as if). I went down to the kitchen were my father was just about to leave "Hey dad!" i said as i pecked his cheek "hello sweet heart heres some money for the party remember not to let them have too much Ice-cream. Ill see you later sweetheart im working a bit late " he said handing me a (A/N:American Money not English k?) $50. "Bye daddy" i said and pecked his cheek again then i headed out to the store. I bought some chips and soda plus balloons then i got a slice of cake and ordered a bigger one for Jude while i was heading back home i picked up a Beatles' CD (all beatles fans will know why and for those who arent the beatles have a song called 'Hey Jude' get it?). I went back home and Dennis and Colin started to help me blow some ballons then we tip toed up to Jude's room and Colin and Dennis jumped onto his bed while i sat down gently on the end of his bed we started to shake him and soon he was awake "Happy Birthday!" we corrused. He smiled brightly showing the gaps in his teeth then we handed him our presents and the slice of cake "thanks G!" he said when he saw the book id bought him "no problem sweety" i smiled.
A few hours later the little kids staretd to arrive and after exchanging a few words with other moms the kids started to run around squealing and other goodies like that. Around 3 in the afternoon there came another knock on the door "Jude! I thought that all your friends had arrived?" i said crossly "they have!" he whined "ya well we'll see" i warned and went to open the door. Standing there was none other than....

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