Yin and Yang (A Weasley Twin Love Story)

Name:Gidget Crevey
Age:Same as the Twins
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Hair:Long and Brown with bangs
Eyes:Blue with glints of purple
Nicknames: Gigi,
Other: Thick round glasses, Short, kind of a Nerd but short tempered, Loves her little brothers, always has hair in ponytail.

Note: Reeeeaaallly old story, excuse shitty writing/grammar. I was 11 when i wrote this, lmao.

Chapter 54

Chapter 53

by: MelMalfoy
(A/N: Finally updating this story after four years! Just letting y'all know any time you see a weird little symbol (â), just know it's supposed to be quotation marks ("") or (') but it got messed up when I copy+pasted this from Google Drive and I was too lazy to fix it. Okay, hope you enjoy!)

Gigi POV
“We can’t possibly tell her. Not after what she’s been through, and she’s so happy now.” I heard George’s voice say.

I wasn’t sure of what time it was, but it felt like very late at night or very early in the morning depending on the way you viewed it. I sat up on the couch, woken from the voices coming from the kitchen. I’d given birth to the twins only a few hours ago and I could see them asleep in bassinets next to the couch.

“It’s better she hears it from you now, than to hear it on the radio later. But either way, she's going to find out very soon” that voice sounded like Kingsley Shacklebolt, but why would he be here at this hour? Maybe he had news on the store’s burning.

“I-I know. But I can't possibly put her through that.” This time I picked up a certain thickness in George’s voice, as if he was crying or trying very hard not to.

As I stood up I noticed just how sore all the muscles in my body were, and I felt lightheaded. The head girl in me said I should be resting, but the Weasley in me said I had to see what was bothering my love so much. So I slowly and painfully shuffled to the kitchen.

“George, of course it's going to be hard, but she has you and all of us and we will all help her get through this” Molly said and as I approached the doorway I saw her place her hand over his and smile comfortingly.

George was leaning against the kitchen counter, his back was to me but I could see him gripping the counter so hard his knuckles turned white. To his right was Molly, who had one hand on his shoulder and another on top of his hand. To his left was Fred who was sitting on top of the counter but had his hand on George’s other shoulder, running his thumb in circles. Arthur sat at the table, holding his head in his hands and leaning over a cup of tea. Across the room was Kingsley looking reserved and Remus and Tonks slightly behind him, she had her head hanging in a somber fashion and Remus’ mouth was in a hard set line.

“What's wrong?” I asked, coming into the kitchen.

George’s head turned so fast it must have cricked, his face went stark pale and his eyes were ready eyes. Everyone else turned to look at me then glanced at George, then back to me.

“Gigi!” George exclaimed and came over to me, he grabbed my hand and rubbed circles around the top with his thumbs “what are you doing up?” he was trying hard to put on a smile but his eyes betrayed him.

“I heard voices, and you were crying. What's wrong?” I asked again. I could feel their heavy eyes on my shoulders, and I began to grow nervous even though when I looked around the room no one looked at me.

“George?” I whispered, but even he wouldn't look at me, just staring at my hand as he played with it. Finally, he placed a gentle kiss on it the pulled me to the table.

Everyone else joined us, George, Fred, Molly, Arthur and I on one side and Kingsley, Remus and Tonks at the other.

“I'm getting really tired of the mystery and somberness. Please just someone tell me, even if it's not George just tell me” I begged. What could possibly be so bad that no one wanted to tell me? Had Harry been found? Or Ron? Or Hermione? Did more Order members die? Or was it something more close to home?

“The Death Eaters” Tonks blurted out but Kingsley shushed her and she lowered her head again.

“No, Tonks tell me.” I reached my hand to her and put it over her hand.

She looked down sadly at it, then continued. “The death eaters, it seems-” she took a deep breathe “have begun to attempt to hunt down muggleborn Ministry workers”

“Yeah, they've been trying to do that. That's why I was in hiding.” I gave a small relieved sigh but it couldn't be as simple as that.

“Not exactly” Arthur said “you see, before, they were going after muggleborns in general like Hermione or Ginny’s friend Dean. These kids usually took off to the countryside so death eaters are hunting them there. But now, they're specifically going after ministry workers-possibly having government secrets, that stuff.”

“And now, they're going after families too” Remus continued “whereas before, families would be questioned and possibly slapped around a bit, now they are going so far as to torture the families of muggleborn ministry workers”.

I stood up quickly, my chair knocking down. I placed my hands on the table and room hurried breathes as I felt the sting of tears pooling in my eyes.

“Gigi, please sit down.” George said and stood up too, putting his hands on my shoulders and trying to sit me down.

“What about my family?” I asked, turning to Kingsley “are they going to be protected, now that you know this information?”

“Gigi” George whispered thickly, and wrapped his arms around my waist. Molly was standing now too and put her hand on my shoulder trying to sit me down as well.

Kingsley just looked down “well? Are you going to protect them? Yes or no?” I demanded.

His eyes just stays fixed to the table “Answer me! Why aren't they good enough to be protected?!” I yelled

They are good, honest people and don’t deserve to be hurt! Just because they're muggles- I'll protect them myself!” I declared “if that's why it takes”

“Gigi please” George whispered, his voice getting thicker and tone becoming pleading.

“No! I will not sit down!” I yelled but didn't turn to face him, my anger directed at Kingsley “they deserve protection! They are just common, everyday people who are at no fault that their daughter became a government worker! Jude is just a little boy who doesn't deserve to see his family go through pain! Why aren't they good enough?!” I screamed and tears were coming out of my eyes.

“Huh-?!” I was ready to continue but was interrupted when Fred blurted out

“Because it's too late”

I was stopped mid rant but turned to face him head on and just stared at him for a minute before I finally found my voice “w-what?” I asked through the lump in my throat.

“Gigi. I'm sorry, but… It's too late” he repeated somberly and in the most sincere tone id ever heard him have.

I turned to George and saw that he was fighting through tears and has his head turned away from me.

“George?” I asked and he broke down in tears.

“I'm sorry Gigi. I'm so so sorry” he cried and pulled me into a tight hug, letting tears bury themselves in my hair I fought against his hug and released myself.

“Are they okay?” I asked, my voice turned high pitched from the tears.

Finally, Kingsley spoke up. “We gained this information after receiving a muggle police report. It seems that the Creevey residence was broken into last night while the parents and youngest son slept. Officially, it was reported as a burglary gone wrong but we believe that Death Eaters came, questioned them, and when they received no answers they killed the three residents.”

As he spoke, I felt the blood leave my head and my heart begin to pound so wildly it hurt and I had to clutch it or it might leave my chest.

“I'm truly sorry” he finished.

Clutching my chest, I sank to my knees, my mouse wide open in disbelief and not a sound leaving my body until George met me on the ground and wrapped his arms around me. Then, my body was consumed in sobs and inhuman sounds escaped my mouth as I struggled for air and clutched George.

“M-my family” I cried and dug my nails into his shirt.

“We’re your family” Fred said and wrapped his arms around me from other side “we’re here for you Gigi, remember you'll always have us”.

I clutched both twins as I allowed my body to be racked with sobs, remembering my father and his unselfish kindness, my mother who i’d barely known and my baby brother who wasn't even old enough to develop his own personality.

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