The American Snake (a Draco Malfoy love story)

Name: Faith Johnson
Blood Type: Half muggle
Hair: Black curly
Eyes: Greenish Gray
Age: 16
Faith is an average teenager who's father is a wizard from england. Her mother is a musician and dancer. Faith's life is the best that it can be. She's the definition of the California Girl. her life changes when her parents are killed by death eaters in their 90210 penthouse. She is forced to live with her great aunt in england and attend Hogwarts.

Chapter 1

"Anything But Ordinary" Avril Lavigne

by: mikaykai
The train ride was so long. I had a whole compartment to myself seeing how i was coming after thanksgiving break (apparently not alot of people leave for the holiday.) My thoughts keep going back to that day when i never saw my family again.
"Bye Mom, bye Dad. I'll see you later." i walked out the door and walked to Beverly Hills Center Mall. There were so many stores that were having sales. i mainly had to get an anniversary gift. as i searched through stores, i found a stationary kit that said "World's best Dad" and i also found a gift card to mom's favorite store. as i approached the steps to our apartment complex, i felt as if someone was watching me. i turned around and saw a boy, about my age, staring at me. i turned and quickly ran upstairs to my appartment. when i got to my floor, i heard screaming from the other end of the hall. i bolted it and forced the door open. it went silent. i walked through the house. everything was the same until i came to my parents room. there on the bed was my parents, stunned. then i heard a strange voice talking. i held my breath. my father looked at me as if he was telling me something. then he choked out "Run" the last thing i saw was a green flash.
I was relieved from the memory by a knocking on the door. i got up to open the curtain and the door. "excuse me but do you have room for two more?" asked a boy with silver blond hair. "yeah, sure. Come on in." i said. i didnt know who they were but i'd rather share a compartment than be alone for the rest of the ride.
"My name is Draco, by the way. You must be new here."
"Yeah, I'm from California. My name is Faith." i had to admit, this boy was HOT!! his friend wasn't that bad either. "hey I'm Blaise. your like the first cali girl to attend this school, you know that?" "Yeah i kinda figured that since i never heard of it til i came to live with my aunt." Draco was staring at me. i didnt really mind. i got used to that back in 7th grade. omg he was so gorgeous!! his eyes reminded me of my own, but his were blue and bright. his silvery hair fell into his eyelashes. Then i realized he was saying something to me.
"Excuse me, what did you say?"
"I said the boy you left back home in america must be missing you alot."
"oh, i don't have a boyfriend but i'm flattered. I've heard that pick up line enough in my life." and with that i put my ipod on. the boys looked at me as if they were confused. i may be a witch, but my mother was a muggle and she wanted me to at least know how to be one if i ever needed to. actually it came in handy ALOT!!
just then the train lurched to a stop. Blaise and Draco left while i got my luggage. Stupid pureblood wizard boys.
i got the luggage and left. as I got off the train, i felt another gaze on me, just like before my parents died. i instantly felt an anxiety attack build up. then i felt a hand grab mine and i stiffened. i turned to find Draco at my side. i relaxed a little.
"hey, ill help you get to the castle. just follow me." i followed him to a carriage. Blaise was already inside and so wasnt a girl. she was pretty, but looked like a shedevil with the glare she was giving me. anxiety started to build up again. i got in the carriage and draco followed, sitting next to me.
"do you care to explain what you were doing when you were ignoring me and Malfoy?" "umm i was listening to my ipod. its a muggle device used to listen to music." i said in a tone that just spelt out "DUH" wizards should understand the muggle world more. they could get farther in life.
we arrived at an overly large castle. it was amazing though. i walked into the castlewith draco at my side. he led me into a giant hall with table where kids younger, older, and the same age as me sat down. Draco told me to stand at the front of the room since i was new. there was a stool with a hat on it and a woman. she looked to be in her late sixties but she looked as if she was pretty when she was younger. she silenced the room with a swipe of her hand.
"excuse me students. i would like to start tonight with the sorting of new student. Faith Johnson." she called my name and i walked towards her. she took the hat off the stool and i sat down not knowing what to do. she put the hat on my head and i jumped as it began to talk.
"Very interesting... your father was a pureblood and your mother a muggle. youre cunning, deceitful, rebellious, yet your caring and trustworthy to your friends. you can get away with anything you want, and some call you a spoiled brat. All i see is a girl trying to find where she belongs in the world... i have just the place where you belong. SLYTHERIN!!!!!!!!!" the table to there far right stared cheering. i saw an empty seat next to draco, so i sat next to him. i had a feeling there was something going to happen between us. tbc


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