U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 54

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Chapter 1

Those Awkward Moments

Over the next three days, I had the hardest time ever because I had to be extra careful not to hit my head again and I couldn't get the stitches wet so I had to tape a sandwich bag across my forehead (I actually had to do this when I hit my head on elk antlers that hang in my house and it was not fun. Lol.) which Chaz had to help with.

One day, Chaz was helping me tape a sandwich bag across the stitches so I could take a shower and he said taping one side, "You look like a dork." I said slapping his arm, "Shut up. I know." Chaz said, "I still am really sorry about causing this." I said as he finished taping it, "Don't apologzie. It's fine. It was an accident." Chaz said, "Still. I should have taken your side and protected you from Justin not help him put you in the hospital." I said putting my hand on his cheek, "It's okay. I would have helped him too." Chaz asked as I got up from my bed which is where we were sitting, "Are you serious?" I said, "Yep. Because my loyalty to Justin may be a little bit stronger then my loyalty to you." Chaz said, "That hurts." I said kissing him on the cheek before I went into the bathroom, "Sorry. I still love you though."

-After I Took A Shower-

I wrapped a towel around myself and I realized that I hadn't grabbed a pair of sweats and a shirt before I came in here. I walked out of the bathroom and I saw Chaz spread across my bed and when he saw me, he said, "Um.....hi." I said rolling my eyes and laughing, "I know what you're thinking and no we're not." Chaz said as he watched me walk to my closet, "I wasn't thinking that. I was thinking that Justin is here with me and he got saw you almost half naked." I stopped walking and turned around to look at Chaz and saw that Justin was sitting next to him. I said as Justin looked up from texting on his phone, "Hi Justin." Justin said as he took in the sight of me wrapped in just a towel, "Hi Cheyenne. Um.....nice choice of clothing." I said as I walked into my closet, "Shut up. I forgot to take a pair of clothes when I went to take a shower."

-My Outfit-

Shorts: http://www.forever21.com/mobile/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=btms&product%5Fid=2070220848&Page=1

Shirt: http://mobile.usablenet.com/mt/www.aeropostale.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10978181

I walked out of my closet after I changed and Justin said, "Now I like that outfit more than I liked the another one." I said going to lay down in between him and Chaz, "Oh shut up." Chaz said as I laid down beside him, "I have to disagree with Justin. That outfit before this one was a lot better." I said, "No, I like this one a lot more." Chaz laughed and my phone started singing, 'Runaway Baby' by Bruno Mars. I looked for my phone and saw that it was on the nightstand on the other side of Chaz. I leaned across Chaz's stomach and was trying to reach my phone but I didn't want to hurt Chaz so I didn't fully put my body on him. I asked giving up as the music kept playing, "Chaz? Please hand me my phone." Chaz shook his hand no so I just got on top of him with my knees on either of his hip. Justin said, "Ew.....wait until I leave the room to go bathroom or something." I said grabbing my phone, "Haha. Very funny, Justin." Chaz said from underneath me, "I thought it was funny." I asked, "What to know what I think is funny?" Chaz asked, "What?" I said smiling, "Me kicking both of you out of my house." Chaz's smirked disappeared and Justin stopped laughing and I said, "Not so funny now, is it?" Chaz and Justin said, "No." I said laughing, "That's what I thought." I looked down at my phone and saw that Cody had texted me. I said getting off of Chaz, "This should be an amazing conversation."

-Text Conversation-
(CS-Cheyenne & CL-Cody)

CL: Hey!
CS: Hey! What did you want?
CL: What makes you think that I wanted some thing?
CS: Because I know you Cody and you only text me when you want something.
CL: Okay. I wanted to know if Avalon is dating anyone?
CS: I don't know. Let me ask Chaz or Justin.
CL: Okay.
CS: Justin said that she is dating Ryan.
CL: Oh....okay. I was going to ask her out but I guess not now.
CS: I'm sorry. Well I gtg.
CL: It's fine. Bye.
CS: Bye.

-Text Conversation Over-

I looked up to see Chaz and Justin looking at me. Chaz asked, "Who was that?" I said only joking, "My secret boyfriend." Chaz asked, "Really?" I said, "No! I was joking." Chaz said, "Not funny." I said, "I know."

Justin, Chaz and I spent the day laying around in my bedroom and I said when it was getting late, "I don't want to go to school tomorrow." Justin said, "Same here."

I didn't know that tomorrow at school was going to bring a lot of surprises for Justin, Chaz and I.......


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