U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 63

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Chapter 1

Whose The Cheeriest Cheerleader? Certainly Not You!

I jumped at the sound of my phone singing, 'Friday' by Rebecca Black, that was the song that played when I had an alarm set and it went off.

I was half tempted to press the snooze button but I knew that Avalon, Andrea and I would get in trouble with our coach, Ms. Sparks then the student council would be mad at us too. Then Avalon and Andrea would be mad at me for getting them in trouble.

I tried to move until I saw that Justin had his arm around me and I didn't want to wake him up so I gently unwrapped his arms. But he started to move and he said as I got up from the bed, "Hey sleeping beauty." I said feeling a little bad that I woke him up early, "Hey Prince Charming. Go back to sleep." Justin said getting up and stretching, "No, I'm already awake." I said as I went to my closet making sure not to step on Chaz and Ryan, "Okay. I'm sorry for waking you up early." Justin said following me, "Don't apologize. I'm got use to it when I was on tour." I said as I went to find my cheerleading uniform that was black, green, and white with Wolves on the front in green, "Okay." Justin said I as found it on the floor, "Since all you have to do with fix your hair and put on uniform. Would it be okay if we kissed?" I said giggling, "You don't have to ask me if you can kiss me, Justin. Just kiss me."

Justin leaned in and grabbed onto my waist gently and pulled me closer to his body. Our kiss led to a make out session and I said as I wrapped my legs around Justin and he put on me on top of a counter that was in my closet that held my jewelry, "I should go get ready." Justin said kissing my neck, "Okay." I said as he kissed my sweet spot and I moaned softly, "I really have to go." Justin said kissing me there again, "Yeah. You really should." I said as I kissed his neck, "Yeah. This is me leaving to go get ready." Justin said as he started giving me a hickey, "Yeah. Okay." I said as I started to give him a hickey, "I hope that Avalon and Andrea can wake themselves up." Justin said, "Yeah. They can."

-A Couple Minutes Later-

Someone said from inside my bedroom, "Cheyenne. Justin. Quit making out, you guys need to get ready." I said as Justin stopped kissing me, "Oh crap. We're going to have to hurry and get ready now." Justin said helping me off of the counter, "You're going to have to put make up on your neck up to cover up the hickey unless you want your coach to see." I said pointing to his neck, "Yep. You want some make up to cover your hickey too?" Justin said as he pulled me out of the closet, "No, I don't need to cover anything up." I said giggling, "Of course, you don't. No one cares if you have a hickey." Justin said, "Yeah. Maybe if you weren't a cheerleader then no one would care." I said, "Even if I wasn't a cheerleader, people would still care." Justin said smacking my butt, "Whatever you say. Now go get ready. You have to go cheer on some football players tonight." I asked, "Why didn't you try out for the football team?" Justin said, "I don't know. I'm more a basketball player then a football player. Maybe when basketball season starts, you can cheer me on." I said, "I don't know if I can because Avalon, Andrea, and I are playing basketball too. But if we are still doing cheerleading because our games won't be going on at the same time so I can probably still cheer you on." Justin said, "Okay shawty. Now go get ready." I giggled.

I looked in the mirror and I said to myself, "Damn. I look good." A voice said from behind me, "Yeah. You do." I said jumping at the sound of Justin's voice, "Thanks. I like your green hoodie and white pants and the green surpas are a nice touch. Way to show your school sprirt." Justin said, "Yeah. I know. You were right, that skirt is short." I said pulling it down a little, "Yeah. I thought. Still want my skirt to be shorter?" Justin said walking over to me and grabbing onto my waist, "No. I don't any other guy to see you in this uniform. Why do they make these skirts so short?" I said, "I don't know. I've been wondering that ever since I first put it on." Justin asked, "Why did you become a cheerleader in the first place?" I said, "I don't know. I've always done it just like I've always done basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and all those other sports." Justin asked, "Are you still going to do cheerleading when you have to go film a movie or something?" I said, "I don't know but if I can, I will." Justin asked, "What is your next movie project?" I said, "Well in April, I have to go film Glee then I have to go film The Twilight Saga. Then I have an audition for the movie, The Hangover." Justin said, "Wow. You are one busy girl. Do you even have any time for your boyfriend?" I said, "I'll always have time for you, Justin. I may be very busy with filming movies and maybe going on tour but you always come first in all of that." Justin said, "Yeah. You can come first with me, too. We better get going before Avalon, Andrea, Ryan and Chaz tell us to hurry up again." I rolled my eyes and said, "If they tell me to hurry up one more time, I will push them down the stairs." Justin said, "You are one not so cheery cheerleader." I said, "I am a cheery cheerleader just not when people are telling me to hurry up."

-At The High School-

I parked my car close to the school and I got out and I said to Avalon and Andrea who had driven in Andrea's black Jeep, "Come on girls. We need to make it look like we at least did something." Justin said walking around my car to the drivers side and handing me my backpack, "Calm down. I'm sure that there will be plenty to do." I said as he kissed me, "I know. I just don't want to feel like a failure as a cheerleader." Justin said, "You could never failure as a cheerleader because you are the best cheerleader out of all them beside Avalon and Andrea." I said as we started walking towards the school building with Avalon and Andrea ahead of us while Chaz and Ryan were walking behind Justin and I, "Okay. I love you." Justin said, "I love you too."

We made it into the school building and our freshmen class president and another cheerleader, Julia saw us. Julia said looking relieved that we were there, "Hi Avalon, Andrea and Cheyenne. Could you help us with this?" Julia held up a stuffed animal that was a tiger which was Rock Springs mascot with a rope tied around it's neck. I asked, "What do you need to me to do?" Julia said pointing the balcony above us and handing me one end of the rope, "Tie that up there." I asked, "So, we're hanging the tiger?" Julia said smiling, "Yep. Avalon and Andrea, I have some posters over there that I want you to hang on the front doors. Ryan and Chaz, go help Avalon and Andrea." I said taking the rope and the stuff animal with me upstairs and Justin following me, "Come let's go. Hang this tiger."

After we had put up all the ugliest color of orange decorations, people started showing up wearing orange which was Rock Spring's school colors. I said to Justin, "You gotta love Orange Crush day." Justin asked, "What is Orange Crush day?" I said remembering that he wasn't here for this last year, "It's where you come to school wearing the ugliest color of orange that you can find at a store and you tear it and just ruin. Or you can wear green to support that you have school spirit." Justin nodded his head and I giggled and said, "Let's get to class."

The school day passed by in a blur then it was time for the big Homecoming game.

I said to Justin as parked my car at the football stadium, "I have to go meet up with Avalon and the other cheerleaders. Go sit down someplace." Justin said grabbing onto my wrist, "I want a kiss before you go." I said giving him a quick peck on the lips, "See ya at the end of the game." Justin said as I opened the door, "I love you." I said, "I love you too."

I ran to catch up with Avalon and Andrea who were walking towards the football field. I said as I caught up with them, "Gosh. Couldn't wait for me?" Avalon said, "Sorry. We didn't know that it was you running to catch up with us." I said, "It's fine. Let's go cheer on Cody, Bryce, Zeke, and all our other friends that are football players." Andrea and Avalon laughed as we walked onto track that was in front of the football field.

-During The Game-

I was happy that my school was winning and kicking Rock Springs butt. Avalon, Andrea and I yelled, "Yes!," when Cody got a touchdown. I looked at the players that were sitting on the bench and Zeke motioned for me to go over to him. I said to Avalon and Andra, "I'll be right back. Zeke wants to talk to me."

I walked over to Zeke and I asked sitting down next to him, "What did you need?" Zeke said, "I just wanted to talk to you because I am so bored." I said giggling, "Okay. Let's talk." A player from the other team said, "Hey sweetie. Why don't you come talk to me?" I said not even looking his way, "No, thanks." The guy said, "Come on. I don't bite." I said, "I don't want to talk to you so leave me alone." The guy asked pointing at Zeke, "You don't want your boyfriend to get mad?" I snapped looking at him, "He isn't my boyfriend now quit talking to me." I said to Zeke, "I'm going to go back to Andrea and Avalon. See you after the game." Zeke said, "Okay. See ya." I walked past the other teams player that was bothering me and he smacked my butt. I stopped walking and I turned to glare at the guy then I saw Justin get up from where he was sitting in the stands. I said to myself, "Oh crap. This isn't going to be good."


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