A Painful Secret

A Painful Secret

Theme Song~
When She Cries-Britt Nicole
How To Save A Life-The Fray

Chapter 1


The ceiling fans spun in slow circles. With each turn came another tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Over and over. The scratch of pencils filled the rest of the silence. The young, male teacher walked slowly around the desks. Looking down at the students. Especially the female ones. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six... Six seconds of staring at one female student's "test". Mr. Mock moved on to the male in front of her. One. Two. Only two second of looking at his test.

Tick. Tick. Tick...

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.

One. Two. Three...

Over and over again.

Mr. Mock only one desk behind me. Shivers ran up and down my spine. "Good job," he whispers to Lindsay and she licks her lip while smiling at him. My body pushes out of the desk so quickly that I slam into his chest. "Woah, woah. Are you finished?" Mr. Mock asked as I clutched at the five page test in my iron grip. His hand was loosely holding my upper-arm. Tick. Tick. Scratch. One. Two. Three...

I shoved the paper into his hand right when the bell rang violently. The students all stood up and left the room with books in their arms. Cradled like babies. "Don't forget to read chapter thirteen tonight!" Mr. Mock yelled over the heads of the girls gathered around him to ask abous his yearly party. I darted out of the doorway just as fast as the guys.


The sky outside the windows is a deep gray with yellow lines here and there. Every five seconds. Ah, the lunch room. A big room with its white floors and white ceiling. With its multitudes of tables and twice as many chairs. The worst thing in there, the students. They all have their cliques. All of them horrible.

From Top Notch To Bottom Dwellers~

1. Jocks-cheerleaders & sport players

2. Preps-rich, popular kids who throw parties every night

3. Brainies- not preps! president, VP, the smart "nice" people

4. Environmentalist-hippie freaks

5. Goths-black, openly show feelings

6. Scene-awesome hair

7. Druggies & Whores-usually congregate behind school

8. Band Geeks-carry any instrument and you are automatically in this genre

9. Geeks-will most likely be found in lockers and/or garbage cans

10. Emo-the accepted freaks

11. Freaks-me...

The top ten cliques have their own tables. Since I'm the only freak, I usually eat alone. Party alone. Study alone. Stay alone. There is a good side to all of the loneliness. I don't have to worry about the heartbreak of dating. But I have to deal with the hear break of most likely dying alone.

In the cafeteria, several portable fans were running. Everyone was dressed in shorts and short sleeves of some kind. Even the goths. We have strange goths.

The air was thick and humid. It smelled of sweat and moldy food mainly. A few colognes and perfumes mixed together but not much. I walked over to a table, grabbed a free chair, and pulled it to a corner of the room. I could feel eyes burning into my back. A tickling urge rushed through my skin.

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