Love Has No Limits.......(A Darry Curtis Love Story)

So I LOVE The Outsiders and decided to make a love story about them!!
Since I no one does a Darry Curtis Love story I decided to make one!!
Also its gonna be like in this centuary.

Hope You Like It:)

Chapter 1


Hailey Cade
16 But Looks Like 18
Twin Of Johnny
Best Friends With Two-Bit
Dirty Curly Blonde Hair
Icy-Blue Eyes
Firce, Sweet, Smart, Kind, Loves Her Friends To Death, Loves Her Brother To Death, He Is The Most Important Person In Her Life.
Johnny Is 7 Minutes Older Than Her. She Has Never Been Hit Because Johnny Takes All The Beating For Her, She Tries To Stop Her Dad But Can't So Just Sits In The Conner Crying. She Helps Johnny With The Bruses And Cuts Afterwords. Has Met Every Greaser Except For Darry. Everybody Is Verry Over Protective Of Her

And Ofcourse:
Darry Curtis-20
Johnny Cade-16
Sodapop Curtis-16 Almost 17
Ponyboy Curtis-14
Dally Winston-18
Two-Bit-18 1/2
Steve Randle-17

Lily POV's
I woke up to Johnny's screaming. As scared as I was I knew why he was screaming. I quickly got up and ranned to his room. My poor of excuse father was beating him up. "STOP!!!,"I cried out. The rat turned and looked at me and smiled. It send chills down my spine, it reminded me of that awful day I have been trying to forget, but never could. Still smilling and looking at me he kicked Johnny in the guts. Johnny cried out in pain. "STOP!!!,"I cried out again. "Shut up you stinking wh0r3,"said the rat coming my way and grabbing me by the hair. His breath smelled like vodka. "OW!!! STOP IT YOU'RE HURTING ME!!!,"I scrammed. He raised his other hand, ready to hit me. I closed my eyes. "LEAVE HER ALONE!!!,"said Johnny tackling him. He let go of me and on his way to the ground he hit his head on the night table. "God D@mn It!!!,"he scrammed. I looked his way and he was bleeding a bit. "You two better get out of here before I get up again,"he said menacing. I quickly helped Johnny to his feet and helped him out of the house. "Johnny are you ok?,"I asked him as soon as we were far away from the house. "Yeah just some pain,"he said wincing and grabbing his ribcage. We were at the park by now. I helped him on to a bench. I sat next to him. "Let me take a look,"I told him. He carefully took of his shirt. I looked at his ribs and. He had a huge bruse in his rigth side,it was from the kick. His face was brused and cut. "I need a First-Aid Kit,"I said to myself. "Hey Johnny Hailey,"I heard someone scrammed from behind us. I turn to see Two-Bit and Ponyboy. They were coming our way, a smile spread across my face. If anybody could make me feel better is Two-Bit. He is my best friend, he always says that I'm the sister he never had. As they got near and saw Johnny their faces went into worry mode. "What the hell happen?,"asked Pony as soon as they were infront of us. "Same as always. I was asleep and woke up to Johnny's screams. I went to his room and the rat was beating him up,"I said looking at the ground. "Did he hit you?,"asked Two-Bit. "He was about to.....but Johnny stoped him,"I said. "That good for nothing son of a you know what!! I better not bump into him or anything because he will regret the day he ever touch you two,"said Two-Bit. "Calm down,"I told him. "Are you guys ok?,"asked Pony. "Yeah but we don't have a place to spend for the next week or so,"I said. We all stayed quiet for a while. "Hey peoples,"said Steve walking up to us with Sodapop and Dally. "Hey,"we all said. "Awe man did your dad hit you again?,"asked Sodapop as soon as he saw Johnny. Johnny simplu nodded. Sodapop Steve and Dally quickly turned and looked at me. "Don't worry Johnny stoped him,"I answered their silent question. "Ok so its already three in the morning, its pretty late we better get going,"said Sodapop. "So are we sleeping in the lot?,"I asked Johnny. "Guess so,"he said starting to get up. "No none of that you guys are sleeping at our house tonight,"said Sodapop. "We don't want to be a bother,"I told him. "Awe come on Hailey,you guys are never a bother,"said Pony. "Pony is right...and don't worry about Darry we weill talk to him....I'm sure he wouldn't mind,"said Sodapop. "Sure hope so,"I said. I didn't know Darry whenever I was around he was always working or out. "He will know just come with us,"said Pony. We said our goodbyes and me Johnny Ponyboy and Sodapop went our way. "How can your dad just hit you like that?,"asked Pony out of nowhere. "Easy....with the help of his good old friend Vodka,"said Johnny. "I admire you guys,"said Sodapop. We looked at him confused. "Well, see if I were you guys I would have run away already...but you guys don' guys stay and fight,"he said. "Well to tell you the truth Hailey is the strong one here....if it wasn't for her I would have ranned away already,"said Johnny. I simply smiled at him. "We are here,"said Pony. We entered the house quickly. "I hope you guys don't mind but you're gonna have to sleep in the leaving room,"said Pony. "No not at all,"I said. "Make yourself at home,"said Sodapop bringing us some pillows and blankets. "Thanks,"I told him. "Ok if you guys don't mine we are going to sleep,"said Soda. "Sweet dreams,"I told them. "Sweet dreams to you too,"said Soda coming to hug me. I hugged him back. Then Pony came to hug me. "Sweet Dreams Hailey,"he said. "Thanks goodnight,"I told him. The went of into their rom while I made a bed for Johnny in the couch. "You take the couch I'll take the floor,"said Johnny. "Nope you are hurt I'll take the floor,"I said already laying some blankets on the floor. "Hailey dont-,"he started to say but I interupted him. "Is either you get it or we both sleep in the floor,"I told him. "Ok but if we sleep here aonether night you get the couch,"he said. "Ok deal,"I told him. He layed down and I put a blanket over him. "Thank you,"he said. "Your welcome.....sweet dreams bro,"I told him. "Sweet dreams,"he said yawing. Soon after Johny feel asleep I layed on top of the blankets on the floor. I layed my head in the pillow and started thinking when was life gonna start getting better. My eyes soon started to get heavy, so I cover my whole body with the blanket, from head to toe. This was the only way I can fall asleep. Soon after I started to dream.....TBC

So let me know what you guys think:)

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