vampire kisses

vampire kisses

after moving from vermont to massachusetts Katrina must face the truth of what peter~her boyfriend~ is and what she wants to become.

"an epic romance between a mortal and vampire - my awsome friend<3

Chapter 1

off to massachusettes

by: izzy25
"You start your new school tomorrow" mom said looking a little tired "Yeah I know you've told me at least three times already" I wasn't in the mood to talk, so I grabbed my box of stuff out of the moving van, and ran to the master bedroom, there are at least three bedrooms and I wanted the biggest one. My mom and I had already discussed this and she said it was fine if I got the master bedroom. I ran up the stairs to see my new room and almost gasped in surprise. The room was twice the size of my room back in Vermont, there was a king size bed in the corner of the room where I like having my bed. The walls were already painted Safire blue, the way I wanted it back home in Vermont but my mom said no. I put the sheets on my bed and laid down for a minute admiring the color of my walls. when i moved i left behind no one, except Peter. he was my life. we fell in love in such a short time. it only took him 2 months to steel my heart, and then, just like that i had to move. he was gone. all our nights under the stars. his gentle lips kissing my neck. the feeling of his hands on my bare skin. he had always felt like heaven to me... and now i no longer had him. does this mean I’m in hell? well, i might as well be; that's when i heard a gentle 'tap tap tap" on my window. i jumped and tiptoed over to it to see who or what it could be, only to be disappointed when i realized it was just the branch of a tree banging up against the side of my window, so i walked back to my bed, and the tapping had stopped when i had gotten up but now it started back up again. I started to get annoyed with the antics of the tree. I walked over to the window again, this time I opened it and broke the branch off. I heard a little gasp with it, then a thud. I looked out the window to see peter lying on the ground I started laughing."come on peter! Get up here!" I whispered in a hurried tone down to him. He got to his feel and jumped; in seconds he was sitting on my bed. I spun around and tilted my head back. In that instant realization flashed across his face. His lips on my neck like the gentle flapping of the wings of a hummingbird. His lips pressed to my neck sucking the blood from my veins like the bees sucking sweet nectar from a rose. I think I forgot to mention something. Peter's a vampire. To be continued...


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