What happens to Hunter next? That's up to you. Being Hunter through dark days and exciting adventures. You decide what happens. Will Hunter live? That's up to you, my friends.

Chapter 1

A Dark Beginning

by: Base
It was a rainy winter day and Hunter looked out the window gloomily. It wasn't the weather so much as it was that he was trapped. The barred windows seemed to laugh at his dismay. Yes, life sucked on the cell, and he had only just woken up. He was scared, terrified even, to find himself in a strange place, naked to the waist, with a bullet would still fresh on his arm. There had been a small can of cold tomato soup left near the metal door, but he didn't touch it. He had woken up on the hard steel floor, but saw a bunkbed with a thin mattresses on each bunk on the other side of the room. There was a small dresser with three drawers opposite the bunkbed, and he opened it up to find a few pairs of shorts and a couple tee-shirts. He put on one of the pairs of shorts and ripped up a shirt to tie around his arm. Then he found a pair of socks and some shoes and put those on, too.
After sitting around for a couple hours, attempting to sleep, a man about the size of a bear on steroids came in. Hunter got very quiet. The two stared at each other fo a few moments, then the man began to speak to him on rough, broken English. "You are Hunter, yes? I see you have yet to eat. Eat the food then come with me."
Hunter did what he was told. The soup can may have small and cold, but it was refreshing. When he set the can down, He noticed a small glass of water, and he drank that, too. Then he walked back over to the man. "I am Mason Gregorivich. You will address me as 'sir'," he said, then he grabbed Hunter's arm and dragged him out of the room.


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