vampire academy continued.

vampire academy continued.

well im going to try something new. I was going to try to wright a story about a vampire but i haven't got very far so this is going to be more of a short story to go with the Vampire Academy. All of it is comming from that book, I do not own all of it. Ok so here go's nothing.and i will add more chapters latter. (roses point of view.)

Chapter 1



I was going to my room thinking i'm going to relax the 2 days i have off form protecting Lissa. After she became queen it has been nonstop folowing her around, which was realy only around Court because its to dangerus for her to go far from here. I'm still vary gratefull to be one of her Guardians. At the moment it's only Lissa and I. Christian is on vacation in Siberia, he wanted to know more about Dimitri and were he's from. And were ever Christian is Dimitri is. They are getting on a plane early tomarrow morning to come back home.They have been gone two weeks and Lissa and I miss the both so much.
I'm at my room and when I open the door my heart skips two beats. I see Dimitri laying on my bed. "Dimitri? DIMITRI!!! Oh I'm so happy to see you. Your not supost to be here untill tomrrow!" I run to the bed and jump in his arms. I missed the feel of his strong arms around me. I lean up to kiss him. He kisses me back but pulls away quickly, too quickly. I look up at him questioningly. He just smiles and says " Slow down you haven't even given me time to say hello, Roza." I lean back so I can see him better and say "sorry, but i missed you so much I couldnt help myself. It's your fult for suprising me like that." He looks at me with a fake shocked look "Me suprize you, the unstopable , queens guardian, Rosemarrie Hathaway. I don't believe it. I was more shocked then you were, with the way you ataked me." He laughs. ''Well you should have told me you two were comming home early. What changed your minds? Didn't you have fun with your family?'' I
asked. ''Well Christian couldn't wait untill morning to see Lissa and I was so happy I could see you again. You do know that if Lissa could come I would get you two there in a heart beat. I missed you so, so, so much, Roza" He tilts my chin up and kisses me and we stay that way untill we here a knock on the door. '' Sorry to interupt but Lissa and I would like to take a walk and watch the sunrise." Christian says from behind the door. ''We will be right out.'' Dimitri anwsers as he gives me one more kiss as we get up. Just because I'm on a brake dosent mean Dimitri is too.
We walk out to the commons and find the perfect place. Christian spreads a blanket down for Lissa and himself while Dimitri and I sit on the ground behind them. Because we are in court, we dont have to worry about protecting them as much, but we were still on guard. the sun was just rising, though it was time to go to bed for the moiri. Dimitri and I were holding hands watching the sun. but so much for Lissa and Christian wanting to watch the sun, they were to busy swallowing each others toungs. Its not like I don't want to do that with Dimitri right now, but one, it was inappropiate at the moment, and two I'm kinda grosed out having to see Lissa and Christian doing it.
Some were during that Lissa and Christian fell asleep so we had to wake up a grumpy Christian and I carried Lissa back to her room. I figured that Dimitri would go to his room for some sleep but he fallowed me to mine. when I unlocked the door and walked in I asked him ''I thought you would want to get some sleep, you're not tired?'' he just smiles and says '' I am at my room.'' I couldnt believe it! He acualy got to share a room with me. Before we had to be separated because christian live on the other side and dimitri hade to live near him. '' Is it perminet? Did Christian move closer?'' ''Yes, actualy he lives next to you.'' I was so happy there were no words. Insted of telling him how happy I was, I showed him. He was standing in front of the bed so I takled him. For once I suprized him.''Hey'' he said, but that was all that I aloud him to say. In seconds we had each others clothes of except for my bra and underware and his boxers.We did all this
while never breaking the kiss, which was strong, hard, and pationte all while maniging to be soft and sweet.'' You sure?'' He asked. I nod. The rest of our clothes came off .
In the morning at about 10 o'clock me and dimitri head off ot the spa at court, lissa had set us up as a little welcome back and dimitri wr geting all over body massoges when we hear 2 miori talking about the queen being at the hospital here and me and dimitri rush over.we find christian in the waiting room andask him to explan. ''well she was throing up and i got worried so i took her here and they wont let me back in'' he says.that was when the docter walke out and took christian to the corner to talk to him. he omes back with the biggest smile that i have ever seen on his face. ''hows lissa,and what you so happy about?'' i ask. ''lissa is going to have a baby.'' ''WHAT!!! No she is not. it cant be true. thats impossible.WHAT!!????''I coudnt believe my ears how is she preagnet? well i know how she got preagnet but still? was it onpurpose or an acident? i had no way of knowing without the bond. man did i miss it. it was astonishing .
now she can finaly restore her family. lissa had thought that she was the last dragomir but thendimitri and me went out to find her long lost sister that the queen informedme of . well it turned out to be jill masorono, aka jailbait. she is why lissa is queen. without her lisa was all alone,well with her family because she has a lot of loving friends but now sge has family backup.

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