The Secret War

This is inspired by Assassin's creed, but its set in the present. The protagonist is a 17-year-old assassin in training. I hope you like it. Comment, rate, say your opinion, you know the drill. :)

Chapter 1

The Signs

by: aquag
Seraphina crouched at the edge of the house, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes trying to concentrate on the fresh air of a spring night, full of different scents, the trees and flowers. She let her mind relax as she breathed out.

The residents below could most probably hear her footsteps on the tiled roof, no matter how hard she tried to be stealthy. It was still new to her, being as quiet as the night itself, blending with the shadows as if you are a part of them. Sometimes she things 16 is too late to start the training, but who would forsake a tradition as old as the order itself. She was advancing faster than other apprentices but not as fast as she would like to. That's why she took that 'stroll', practice makes best, right? It was this and the fact that she hopes a thing like that could take her mind off of her recent problems. Why should she live through all this drama, if she could train night and day, non-stop it would make her better at this and she wouldn't have to suffer through the troublesome life of an normal teenager. She wasn't normal, this was not the life for her.

Seraphina looked around, the full moon provided so much light, she could see perfectly. There was something very disturbing in this picture. Even though she was not downtown, this city never was that quiet. The streetlights were so annoying for her, at least here the buildings were high enough so that they couldn't ruin her vision. She concentrated again her eyes shooting in every possible direction, still she couldn't see anyone out there, not even one from the order, they have regular patrols. "Oh well I guess what I'm doing could be considered patrolling." she thought, but this didn't explain why this area was so deserted.

She then stood to take a few soundless steps "Maybe I am getting the hang of it.", she smiled at the thought of improvement of her skills. She needed to gain some speed to make the jump to the nearest building. Taking a small step at first she increased the length and rate until she jumped. Every time she jumped there was this ever so short moment of doubt, would she make the jump? She released a relieving breath as her hands caught the other edge. She was only completely calm when she had her feet on solid surface, still she enjoyed the adrenaline free-running on city rooftops gave her. She pulled herself up on the rooftop, fortunately for her here there were no roof-tiles, which meant no worrying about her making noise.

Suddenly she heard a movement a few feet away from her, instinctively turning her head she saw a shadow. The other person was trying to hide himself near the entrance to the inside of the building, "The chase is on." Seraphina thought with a playful smile on her face.

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