Growing old, you have to but Growing up is optional!

Growing old, you have to but Growing up is optional!

Ok, so this is my Peter Pan story. In my opinion there aren't enough so I decided to make my own. Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 1

The Beginning

"So Peter," I asked, "How did you get here?" I looked up at him, the flames from the campfire danced in his green eyes, Peter smiled mischeivously and began his tale.
Six months earlier.... (My story, not Peter's)

Ok I'm a normal person like you, I have light brown sholder lenght hair, blue grey eyes, medium height and thin. But there's one thing about me that's 100% not normal.... I can fly. I've been able to for as long as I can remember.... but no one knows. I always knew it should be kept a secret. Anyway I live with my older brother and his wife, I don't like them and they don't like me, it's mutral. Well my secret was nearly found out one night, I was sitting upside down on the roof above my bed which is across from my door, thinking, when the door burst open. In staggered David (my brother) and Amy (his wife) with wine glasses cluched in their hand. They stopped wide eyed when they saw me, I quickly flipped upside down and sat crossed legged on my bed and they staggered out of my room. Thankfully they were so drunk that by the morning they remembered nothing.

Anyway each night I would sit on my bed and tell myself a story sometimes acting it out with my prized posessions, a beautiful sword and my bow and quiver. One night I was sure I heard a tinkerling and the sound of someone drawing a sword outside my window. I stopped in mid swing and looked out my open window, 'hmmm' I thought. I stepped away and heard it again. I turned and stood on my window pane and looked down to the street two storys below. I leaned out as far as I could and, I'm sure I felt some miniscule hands shove me. A wild scream tore from my lips as I fell....

To Be Continued......

Hope you like it! Please tell me what you think!!

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