Schooling Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Host Club!

Schooling Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Host Club!

This is my first Ouran story so if it sucks I will discontinue…COMMENT RATE FAVORITE FRIEND REQUEST!!!! ALL R WELCOME AS LONG AS U RNT CREEPY STALKER PERVS!! ^'-'^

Chapter 1

We meet again!/Tammi-Rose Vs. The Rain!

I looked at his picture again. "Oh beautiful Cousin René! Today's the day. It will be 8 hours before we may see each other again, but it'll be worth it! I was going to leave France behind one way or another so not for the visitation of my only cousin? When had that ever been against the rules? Thought not! 'René, do you still look like your picture? I still have it. Do you remember when we met four years ago. I do! You were only there for a month, but we hung-out everyday and you said nothing would come between us! I remember that!'
"Tammi-Rose! Your mother like to see you!"
"Coming Alici!"I stuffed the picture in my purse which I put in my carry-on

??? pov
"Today is the day! I get to see Tabitha! The only real family I have left. . ." I looked at her picture and tried to remember the fun we had together. I remember how awkward she was, and how her wide green eyes sparkled everytime she wanted to do something mischeivious. "Break's almost over. . .and for Father to let me keep you of all people as company is amazing,Tabitha! And then to go to my school, and stay with me in my mansion! This is the closest Ive ever been with you, Cousin Tabitha. I'm sorry Im not here with you or else we would be a lot closer, but now we shall be!" I told her picture.

Tammi-Rose's POV
"Now you listen here, Tabitha Rosemaria Chloe Anna de Grandtaine",
'Oh no! She pulled the middle names. She's finally serious for once.'
"If you even THINK about giving Miseur Suoh or Madam Suoh you will be sent back to France faster than you can say "I'm sorry."
"Oui oui, Mama dearest."
"you are lucky they are even letting you stay in Japan to keep Rene company! remember your manners, charm, and don not forget to be polite!" Mama said piercing me with her perwinkle blue eyes.
"Mama, I already-"
"Remember, my darling Tammi-Rose, to have a good time, but don't forget your charm or your class. You are French and German!" she smiled and hugged me.
"Now off you go! I hope you miss me my darling!"
"Oh mama, do not even think of such things. Of course I will miss you." I said grabbing my remaining suitcases and dashing out the door.
"Oh darling." Mama whispered. "What will I do without you?"
All I could do was giggle as Alici piled four of my suitcases into the pearly white limo.
"Alici, don't strain yourself! Let me put these suitcases in the trunk."
"Thank you Miss Tammi-Rose!" she said as I helped her put the suitcase in the trunk.

After Deyn the driver drove me to the private jet where I flew the 13 hours, I finally made it to Japan. We landed in the private Suoh airport about 1 mile away from the place where Cousin Rene was living. But when I arrived, it was pouring rain!
I ran through the foreign, new city, and while doing so I noticed that it was absolutely beautiful! Different from France but still beautiful. I looked at the directions on my phone Rene had sent me. The wind howled, the rain fresh on my face, and the night sky was dark with the crackle of thunder.
"Oh my gosh!" I screamed at the sky as I felt the struggle to try and look presentable once I met Rene.
'Finally, I made it!' running twords the huge mansion, and pulling my hood off to try and fix up my pale blonde hair. It was no use. The rain soaked through my hood so my hair sat on my shoulders limp and messy. I probably looked terrible!! But I rang the doorbell anyway.

???'s pov
I was sitting on my bed writing in my romance journal thinking about ways to romance the princesses of Ouran High School. I looked in romance novels from the library, watched romantic-comedies on tv, and even went so far as reading some women's magazines.
There I sat. . .for hours and hours on end bored out of my freakin' mind. When the doorbell rang. I grabbed my jacket and rushed out of my room .

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