Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

this is my first story, i hope you like it :)
comment, rate... whatever you like, tell me what you like or dont like, dont be shy ;)
Sorry if the first chapter is a tad long, i didnt realise how much i was writing haha :P

Chapter 2

Putting the wall up

I woke to the sound of tapping on my window, confused i walked over to it and opened my curtains. It was just a branch of a tree that stood close to the house waving in the wind. i rolled my eyes and looked at the clock. Half five in the morning, school started at nine. I climbed back in bed to warm up a bit and waited for the sun to come up, it never did, today was misserable, rain and wind. I sighed heavily and got in the shower, i now had two hours to waste. After my shower i got dressed, i wore my skinny jeans, blue t-shirt and grey zip up hoodie with my grey uggboots. i left my hair down, hoping it would make a good curtain when people realised i was new and started staring. i looked at the clock, it was quarter past eight so i went outside onto the porch to wait for stephan and elana. I watched the rain fall for about five minutes when a car pulled up infront of my house. Elana poked her head out of the window and waved me over. I got in the car and said hello to her and stephan. We drove to the school and got there at quarter to nine. Elana pulled into the school parking lot next to a shiny black car, it looked majourly exspensive, it made my car look second hand.
Stephan looked at the car then to Elana. "Damon." He sighed angrily. Elana smiled softly at him then got out of the car, i followed her and stephan over to the posh car, the windows were blacked out but stephan seemed to know someone was in it because he knocked on the window. The car door opened and a tall guy wearing dark jeans and a black leather jacket got out. Elana and I were on the otherside of the car so i only saw his back. "What are you doing here Damon?" Stephan asked him, with his arms crossed.
Damon leant back on his car and said lazily. "I got bored sitting at home, i thouht i would join you and your little girlfriend today."
"Do you think thats such a good idea?" Elana asked him, causing him to turn and face us. I was stunned at how gorgeous he was, he had longish dark brown hair, smooth skin, perfect lips that were pulled into a smirk and peircing blue eyes. I didnt let the shock show on my face, i learnt how to conceal emotion, but damon looked over at me, raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly, as if he knew i was checking him out.
"Well Elana dear, i think i will behave myself. Who knows, i might surprise you."
He answered. Elana kust looked at him, bemused. Stephan walked back over to us and put his arm around Elana. "You better Damon, i mean it." Damon chuckled a little. "Alright little brother, i get your warning. Now, who's your friend?" He nodded in my direction. I looked at him blankly, making sure i had control of myself, no smiling, no blushing, just neatral.
"This is Sadie. She's new." Elana answered him. Damon walked over to us and came quite close to me, he was taller than me by quite a bit, i looked up at him. He was smiling down at me. "Nice to meet you, Sadie." He pulled my hand slowly to his lips and kissed it. I just nodded at him, already understanding his game. "Elana, can you show me where to go?" i stepped past Damon and looked at Elana. "Sure, come on."

Damons POV
I saw Elana's car pull up next to mine but i didnt get out of mine just yet, there was something different, i could smell something other than Stephan and Elana. Some one else was in her car, it wasnt Bonnie or caroline, i recognised those scents and this one was new, so i waited to see who the smell belonged to. I couldnt figure out if i liked it, it smelt really good, but in a bad way, a tempting way.
Then Elana got out of her car, Stephan doing the same, then the back door opened and a girl got out.The first thing i noticed about her was her hair, it was long, a very dark red, and had loose ringletts. Her eyes almost matched her hair, the were an orangy brown, amber almost. She was about the same height as Elana but she was slightly more curvy, in a good way. Then a knock on my window braught me back to the real world. It was Stephan, i got out of my car. Stephan didnt seem too happy about me being here and neither did elana, which made me more intent on staying, i loved irritating both of them. A voice filled my head, it was the other girl, she was looking at me, thinking about how i looked. i looked at her and smiled. Her face became blank, blocking out any emotion. I introduced my self to her, kissing her hand, letting my charm surround her. She showed nothing, she just stepped away and went into school with Elana.
Stephan looked at me and did a smug smile. "Too difficult for you Damon?" he asked. "I like a challenge." then we both walked into the school.

Elana walked me over to the office where i got my schedual from. She compared it with her own. "We have third lesson together, History, and last lesson, physical education."
I groaned. "what a great way to end the day." i said, my sarcasm obvious.
Elana laughed as she walked me to my locker, it was two away from hers. I put my other books in and took out my first lessons book, Itallian.
I knew Itallian already so i wasnt all that nervous. Stephan walked over to us, Damon following behind. "Hey. What have you got first?" I held up my text book. "Itallian." He smiled at elana as she came over to us. "I have sience first with Elana." i sighed. "It would have been nice to know one person in my first class." Damon was leaning against the lockers. "You do. I have Itallian aswell." He stated. Stephan glared at him with Damon returned with a smile. Then the bell rang and Elana and Stephan said goodbye and went to their class. I pulled out my school map, avoiding eye contact with damon and everyone who scrambled past us. I started to walk down the corridor when a hand grabbed my wrist lightly. "Wrong way." Damon said to me, smiling. "Well if you know where your going, show me." i said, taking my arm out of his hand. He smirked at me and walked in the other direction, i had to walk quickly to keep up with him. We came up to the class room. "After you." he said as i walked past him into the room. It was filled with twin desks that were all mostly full with students chatting to each other, no one had noticed me. I went to an empty desk at the back and sat down. Most of the talking stopped when Damon walked in, i noticed only the girls stopped talking, they all watched him walk down to the room to my desk. "This seat taken?" he asked, already sitting down without an answer. Some of the girls then looked at me, i let my hair fall over my shoulder so i could hide behind it. Then the teacher came in and the talking stopped. Half way through the lesson we all had to talk to our partners in Itallian. i listened around the room, no one was very good at it, there were plenty of mistakes. I turned towards Damon who was already facing me, smirking.
I started the conversation.
"Quel piccolo trucco di il vostro funzion a spesso?" (Does that little trick of yours work often?)
he raised his eyebrows.
"Parlate italiano fluente?" (you speak fluent italian?)
"Non avete risposto alla mia domanda." (you didnt answe my question.)
He smiled at me. "il mio trucco e altrettanto buono quanto il vostro." (my trick is just as good as yours.)
Just as i was about to answer him, the bell rang. Damon got up and left the classroom. i followed him.
"Wait! What do you mean?" I asked, moving infront of him so he stopped walking.
He looked down at me, not smiling or smirking. "That little wall you put up. You stop everybody from seeing inside. But the question is, why do you need to, what are you hiding..." He said taking a step closer to me. I refused to back up. I looked up at him, glaring. "That ridiculous. I dont stop people from knowing me,i have nothing to hide." i answered, stubbornly. But i knew he was right, but how did he know.
"You cant block everyone out, your mind is an interesting place." He said, smirking again. Then he walked off.
The rest of the day went by quickly, I didnt see Damon again throughout the day and when Elana dropped me off home i went straight to bed. Tosay was exausting! I kept thinking about what Damon had said. What did he mean; my mind is interesting? I just lay there confused until sleep took me. I was expecting my usual nightmare, i have had it everynight since mum died, she would just sit on a chair in a pitch black room and sing to me, then a hooded figure; Death walk walk out of the shadows and she would fade away like smoke, then Death would point his boney finger at me. It wasnt really a nightmare anymore, i was so used to it by now. But this time it was different, i didnt dream about my mum or Death, i didnt dream of anything.

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