Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

Refusing you (a Damon salvator love story)

this is my first story, i hope you like it :)
comment, rate... whatever you like, tell me what you like or dont like, dont be shy ;)
Sorry if the first chapter is a tad long, i didnt realise how much i was writing haha :P

Chapter 3

There are rules you must follow

I woke up the next day after the dreamless sleep, it was half past eleven. I was late for school. I sighed, there is no point going in. I rolled out of bed and had a shower. It was sunny out so i put on my favorate red summer dress-top and black shorts with my red flats. I pulled my hair into a loose braid to the side.
I got in my car and drove around until i saw the waterfalls. It took my breath away. i parked up and walked over to them, climbing down the rocks until i was near the water. i sat on one of the large rocks, took my shoes of and let my feet dangle in the cool water. i lent back, enjoying the warmth of the sun when something blocked the light, i opened my eyes half expecting to see a cloud infront of the sun but instead there stood Damon.
"Shouldnt you be in school?" he asked me, i dont think he was really looking for an answer.
I stood up and put my shoes on. "Are you stalking me or something?" i jokingly asked him. He smiled back at me. "you could say that. I prefer to call it studying." I smiled at him for the first time, taking a step back. My foot slipped off the rock and just as i was about to hit the water, Damons arm caught me around my waist and pulled me back up. I looked up at him, he was smiriking again. His arm was still around me. I cleared my throat. "Umm, thanks." i looked down at his arm as if to give him the hint, but he didnt take it. He leant towards me slowly until he was a few inches away from my face. I could smell his breath, it was so sweat and fresh. "Your welcome." He almost whispered, as he got a little closer. Realising what was happening i quickly stepped away from him and started to climb back up the rocks. He beat me to the top, taking my hand and helping me up the last bit. I just looked at him then walked towards my car. He followed me again, getting infront of me like i did to him yesterday. "Your doing it again." He said, he looked a little irritated. "Doing what? " i asked, genuinly confused. "Blocking me out!" I smiled, amused at how it anoyed him. "What are you smiling about?" he asked, a little moody. "You! i didnt think you let people frustrate you like this." before i realised what happened i was pinned against my car, damons hand on either side of me on the bonnet. "I dont. I always get what i want, and your refusing me that." He was leaning down over me, not touching me at all, he didnt need to, i could feel the control he was using. i smiled. This just seemed to annoy him more. "You know Damon, you cant get everything you want. And im happy to be the one who makes sure you dont." His evil smirk returned. He got closer to my face, i tried to move but i couldnt, i just glared at him, he then brushed the loose hair away from my face and stood up straight. "We'll see about that." And he walked off. I felt my cheeks get warmer.smiling stuidly to myself. What is happening to me?

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