who will you marry?(The Rescue Finale)

my faithful readers, this is not the end if my story even though the story is a finale. its only the end of the rescue attempt. this one is for my shawn the werewolf lovers. for all u fans of other charecters, know that all charecters will have there own rescue scene.

Chapter 1

If you choose Shawn the Werewolf as your rescuer

Thinking quickly you realize that if anyone is going to save you it going to be Shawn, himself. Even though you haven’t had much time to get to know him you can feel the strength of his determination inside of him. Shawn, you say quickly dropping to your knees in prayer position baring your neck , I know your in there somewhere if you can hear me my friend, know that I came to rescue you not becauseI had to but because I wanted to.

I know you’ve been beaten and who knows what else, so I don’t blame for losing control, for I don’t know if I could have lasted as long as you without losing myself, and giving yourself up so I could be protected. Even though we haven’t really had a chance to get to know each other I want you to know that I care for you more than you will ever know Shawn william ochoa , and I cant do this without you . If your truly lost and you feel nothing for me then there is no hope and I will give myself to death willingly cuz I just don’t want you, I need you and I refuse to live in a world without you cuz a life without you is life not worth living. I place my life in your hand, you whisper softly tears flowing gently down your cheeks. I love it when food gives itself up willingly fenier says, as you feel his breath on your neck. Closing your eyes you begin preparing for the end, when you hear a familiar muffled voice saying, I cant hurt my friend, she came to rescue me. Shawn, you say questioningly, Save ur breath girl there no way he coming back, fenier growls. Dawn help you say mentally as you reach out gently with ur mind as if offering a hand to your friend cause you can feel him even though it faint. Ur almost there you whisper mentally u can do it just follow the sound of my voice, stay down where you belong boy you hear fenier snarl. Growling he begins walking towards you unsteadily as you can clearly see both are fighting for control of the body. Help me, the darkness it hurts too much he whimpers, reaching out you touch his mind gently cradling it pulling it forward as you feel ur energy ebbing away as darkness begin edging in your vision. Whispering don’t give up help me help you, you can do it, you can control that monster, you are the control of your fate. You scream as you feel a sharp pain but you don’t let go of your connection with ur friend. There so much pain you lose ur grip feeling a horrible pain as your mind retreats from his and you not sure if u even have enough strength to keep ur heart beating as you begin to fall forward only to be caught by a pair of strong arms. Opening ur eyes you look up and you see beautiful brown eyes staring down at you smiling. You did it you laugh, even though it hurts. No, we did it he whispers gently brushing a piece of hair from your face. Did u truly mean what you said he says shyly. Of course I do, leaning forward coming within inches of face. I love u so much Ashanti running his fingers through your hair before kissing your lips fiercely in way you never expected from ur quiet wolf boy. pulling back he lets go with reluctance, come on you say taking his hand as you turn to leave, let us leave this place. Then you here a thump and you turn around only to see Shawn laying on the ground. Can you here me? You shout shaking him, there no response but at least he breathing. The door opens and shane comes in and kneels next you examining Shawn, is he going to be okay? You say quietly. He will live, he says but you should be more worried about yourself as he grabs you arm gently but firmly and you nearly cry out. He doesn’t let go as you glance down and you see a long deep gash that is all the way to the bone. Taking a flask from his pocket he pours on the wound making it burn even more. Ow that hurt, you say jerking your arm back. Well, you should of thought about that before rushing headlong into uncertain danger without a plan, you do realize that you could’ve died? He says critically before giving you clean handkerchief to wrap the wound with. Before making a makeshift carrying bed, gently placing him on it before all of you leave for home.


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