Unicorn Hair & Dragon Heartstring - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Unicorn Hair & Dragon Heartstring - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

This is my Draco Malfoy love story.
Please comment with feedback or advice. This is my first Quibblo story so advice is greatly appreciated!
I hope you guys enjoy it.

Chapter 35

Our Last

by: Buffy__
If you have not read the sixth Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) And do not want to have plot details revealed, DO NOT READ THIS CHAPTER until you’ve read the book and//or seen the movie.

I’d also like to warn you all, this is probably the second or third last chapter.

I followed him to his dormitory. He sat on his bed and I sunk into the chair in the corner, pulling my knees up to my chest. I could tell he was working himself up to something big, and I had the feeling that things would be turned upside down after this bombshell was dropped. Draco swallowed again. He was clenching his fists.
“Draco.” I said “It’s okay. Whatever you’re going to say, it’s okay.”
He laughed nervously and shook his head “I don’t think you’ll be saying that after you hear this. I could get killed for this. Literally. He could kill me, if he found out.” He got up and started pacing.
“Who?” I asked. Draco didn’t answer, but kept pacing and clenching his fists. Suddenly he winced, uncurling his fist. There were crescent shaped marks from his nails, and they had begun to bleed. I stood up, walking over to him. I uncurled his other fist and lead him back over to his bed, sitting him down. I sat next to him.
“You don’t have to do this.” I told him. He shook his head.
“I do.” He said. His voice was thick. I glanced up at his face and was shocked to see his eyes shining with tears. “I have to tell someone. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t…” I took his hand in mine.
“It’s okay. You can trust me, Draco.”
“I know.” He swallowed “I know, that’s why I’m telling you. But I don’t think you’ll want anything to do with me once I’ve told you.”
“Draco…” I began, but he shook his head and, without saying anything, unbuttoned the cuff of his sleeve. I frowned, but said nothing. Wordlessly, he started rolling up his shirt sleeve. Once he’d rolled it up to elbow length, he took a breath and turned his arm over. I gasped, springing up off the bed. The room seemed to be spinning around me, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Draco’s arm. Tattooed onto his pale skin was the Dark Mark. Voldemort’s mark. The room was spinning faster now, and I staggered back into the oak dresser. I sank to the floor.
“No. No, no, no.” It took me a minute to realise that it was my voice saying it. It was all I could say, and I couldn’t stop, until all the ‘no’s’ came out as one word “Nononononononononono.”
“Nora.” Draco was saying “Nora, please listen.”
I was quiet, trying to register what the words he was saying meant. Listen. I’d promised I’d listen to everything first. I nodded, waving a hand.
“G-g-go on.” I stammered “I’m-I’m listening.”
I put my head between my knees, lest I passed out.
“Do you think I had a choice? My parents work for him. Bellatrix is so devoted… all the family that I still see, they all work for him. They’re all his followers. My father, he’s in Azkaban, and he-the Dar-”
“I know who you mean.” I interrupted, still staring at the floor from between my knees. Draco sighed.
“I suppose he’s using me as a kind of replacement for my father.”
“But were you reluctant?” I asked, not looking away from the floor.
“When he branded you. When he recruited you. Were you unhappy about it?” I was afraid to look at Draco’s face.
“I was scared.” Draco said
“But were you unhappy about it?”
Draco didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Then he said “No.”
To my surprise, I felt tears spring to my eyes. They weren’t tears of sadness- they were tears of disappointment. I removed my head from my knees and crossed my legs, but I still didn’t look at Draco’s face.
“Are you unhappy about it now?” I didn’t want to ask, but I forced myself to.
“I’m unhappy about the task I have to do. I’m unhappy about the stress it puts on me. I’m unhappy about the fact that if I don’t finish this, I’ll die, and my parents will die.”
Unhappy was the wrong word. But the right word was so blunt. I said it anyway “Are you still proud of being chosen?”
Again he paused. Then he whispered.
I bit my lip, hard enough that I tasted blood. But I kept biting it, because otherwise I’d break down.
“So this is why we can’t be together? Because you’re too busy being a…” A Death Eater. Draco was a Death Eater. I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud. Draco was evil. Evil in a real, killing and hurting people kind of way.
“We can’t be together because it would put you in danger, and because I don’t want the Dark Lord to use any more people to get to me.”
The Dark Lord. Something occurred to me suddenly.
“How haven’t I noticed?” I asked Draco
“All those times I’ve seen you without a shirt, how haven’t I noticed your Mark?” I clamped my teeth back down on my lip again as a wave of melancholia washed over me. So weak, Nora, so weak.
He shook his head “I don’t know.” He said “I guess you were distracted by other things. I kept hoping you’d see, kept hoping you’d get angry and leave me before I started to get too involved. I didn’t want to tell you myself, to make a decision that would make you hate me. But I can’t let you think I broke up with you because I don’t love you.”
I just nodded and stood up. I could feel the blood from my lip beginning to run down my chin.
“Thank you for telling me.” I said emotionlessly. Don’t you dare start to cry Nora.
Draco looked surprised and hurt.
“That’s it? That’s all you have to say? Thanks for telling you? I just admitted to you my biggest secret and in doing so my parents and I could be killed, and that’s all you have to say?” He wasn’t shouting, but the expression on his face made my control snap. The tears rose in my eyes and welled over, falling down my cheeks.
“What else can I say, Draco?” I yelled “That I’m happy for you? That I’m happy you’re working for the embodiment of evil? I love you, Draco.” My voice broke. The tears came faster, along with a sob which I stifled “I love you, and you just admitted that you’re…” Evil. I swallowed the word, not to spare myself or Draco, but because even through my grief and anger, I knew that it wasn’t quite true. “What am I supposed to do Draco?” I whispered. I couldn’t supress the next sob that came “What am I supposed to do?”
Again, Draco’s eyes were shining with tears. He gave a sad half smile “Tell me you understand?” He gave a miserable, watery laugh.
“But I don’t.” I whispered. I covered my mouth with my hand to silence the sob with threatened to take me “I just don’t.”
I walked toward the door, pausing briefly when I reached Draco’s side. I grasped his hand. “I still love you.” I whispered through my tears “But you’re right. We can’t. We just can’t do this anymore, as much as I want to.”
He squeezed my hand “I’m so sorry.” He said “I’m so, so sorry things ended up this way. I think, in a perfect world, if I’d been brave enough to refuse him, we would have been so perfect. But we can’t, not in this world, at least not today. We have no future like this.”
I nodded and was about to let go of his hand when he pulled me in front of him and pressed his lips, so gently, to mine. His arms wrapped around my waist and my fingers entwined themselves in his hair. His lips were warm and soft and I savoured all of it, because I knew this was our last kiss. Fresh tears ran down my face, until I had to pull away. I sobbed, running from the room. I only got half way up the many stairs before I collapsed against the wall, sobbing hysterically. I felt as if I was, very slowly, crumbling away.

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