Unicorn Hair & Dragon Heartstring - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Unicorn Hair & Dragon Heartstring - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

This is my Draco Malfoy love story.
Please comment with feedback or advice. This is my first Quibblo story so advice is greatly appreciated!
I hope you guys enjoy it.

Chapter 36

So Much To Say

by: Buffy__
I am so sorry for abandoning all of you for so long! I know it's been ages since I last submitted a chapter, and I'm really sorry. Life has just been so busy with the end of the school year coming and everything, but I'm back now with a brand new chapter for you all, so I really hope you haven't given up on me. And I'm certainly paying the price for not being on Quibblo for so long as I painstakingly go through my 208 new messages.

I wandered through the halls of Hogwarts for the next week like some kind of zombie. I was emotionless and silent, without opinion or thought. That’s how I appeared on the outside anyway. On the inside, different emotions swirled about, taking it in turns to take over me and burning all kinds of rational thought and feeling away. On the inside, I wanted to scream, to shout, to yell about the injustice of the world. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t tell anyone anything about what had happened, about what was wrong. No one could know what Draco had told me, because then Draco would be in trouble. So much to say, so few people to say it to
I didn’t miss the confused and worried glances Julianna gave me when I didn’t react or reply to what she was saying, or the concerned, intrusive eyes of my teachers when they had to ask me questions four times before I registered they were talking to me.
I didn’t just act like a zombie- I looked like one too. My cheeks, usually a little pink with life were drained of colour, making the bags under my eyes even more prominent. I noticed that I’d lost weight too- not because I was going on some kind of ridiculous hunger strike, but simply because I forgot to eat, because meals just seemed trivial and unimportant.
Julianna asked me frequently if I was okay, but apart from that, no one really seemed to pry, or maybe it was just that they didn’t care about my sorrow because they were too busy dealing with their own. That was, until just now.

“Ms Lane.” Snape cold voice cut through the classroom as I began to pack up to leave Potions class. I glanced up. “Please remain behind; I’d like a word with you.”
This is where you sigh irritably, my mind told me, but I couldn’t summon the energy to even pretend that I felt normal emotions. Instead I slowly made my way to the front of the class. Snape waited until everyone had filed out of the room before addressing me.
“Take a seat.” He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. I sat.
“I am aware that you have not been paying attention in class this past week. Other teachers are concerned about you.”
I was about to mumble an ‘I’m fine’, but Snape continued.
“I, however, am not. It is not my business to worry about students’ emotions.” He said the last word as though it were a ridiculous concept. I couldn’t help but agree. Snape glanced at me, possibly looking for a reaction. I realised I should probably give one, even if it were just a nod, but what was the point? Instead, I continued to stare at him blankly.
“I do, however, think I may know why your behaviour is so withdrawn of late.”
This is where you raise an eyebrow and say ‘oh really?’ very sarcastically But there still seemed no point. I did, however, feel a flicker of something resembling surprise when Snape gripped the arms of my chair and leaned down towards me.
“He told you, didn’t he?” Snape hissed.
“Who?” I asked, though I had I feeling I knew.
“Don’t play dumb. Draco told you, I know he did. Just admit it.” Snape said angrily. He, finally, had some emotion in his voice. My voice, however, was devoid of it when I simply said.
“Yes.” I probably should have been suspicious that Snape knew Draco’s secret, and probably should have been uneasy about admitting that I knew, and maybe I should have wondered if Snape was in on all this and was going to get Draco in trouble with Voldemort, and part of my mind did consider all this, in a bored way. But my mind also reasoned it all out- of course Snape was a Death Eater- it made sense, in a twisted way. And what was there to be uneasy about? Snape killing me? Possibly, but he’d get in a lot of trouble and I wasn’t really sure that I cared anyway. And though Snape was probably a Death Eater, some part of me thought that he cared more about Draco than about Voldemort. I may have been grievous and angry, but jeez, I was kind of insightful at the moment.
“I knew it.” Snape growled, straightening up and beginning to pace. “Have you told anyone?” He barked at me. For the first time in weeks, some of the emotion that was raging about inside leaked into my rational thinking. Who does he think I am?
“Of course not.” I snapped “I’m not stupid.”
“Not stupid? There’s no such child.” He scoffed.
“Really?” I said, anger beginning to burn through me “Because I think that I spend a lot of time being not stupid, and also, not a child. Really, so far, I’ve dealt with this situation pretty well. I didn’t try to convince Draco to reconsider our relationship, because I knew he’s dangerous, and I haven’t blabbed to Julianna or anyone else about his secret, even though I really want to, but I know that doing so would be idiotic. So call me what you like, but don’t you dare call me stupid right now.” I snapped, angry words tumbling out of my mouth almost against my will. Snape was not deterred in the slightest though. Instead, he kept the insults coming.
“If you weren’t stupid, you wouldn’t have gotten involved with him in the first ,place.” He snarled, still pacing. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to provoke me, or if he was just angry about what was happening and was taking it out on me, but either way, it was working.
“You don’t know anything about that!” I yelled angrily. He laughed without joy or humour and stopped pacing, instead leaning on my chair again.
“Oh, yes I do. I know exactly what happened. You’re a whor-”
“SHUT UP!” I screamed, pushing him away. He stumbled backwards into his desk. Snape just stood there for a second, surprised, before straightening up and returning his face to its usual cool expression.
“I am a teacher.” Snape growled “You will show some respect.”
“What about me?” I said, no longer angry but instead filled with a sudden melancholia. Life is weird. My mind whinged at me. I agreed with it. If teachers were talking like sixteen year old boys then life certainly was. “Where’s my respect?”
For a moment Snape glared down at me. Then he said
“Go. Speak to no one of this, and do not tell anyone about what you know about Draco.”

I stood up and dashed out of the classroom.

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