Draco and Hermione, forbidden love part 1

This is a story about how a deep love is created, between two sworn enemies, complications and confusions about how a strange relationship develops in two very different people......
In the first person - Hermione Granger

Chapter 1

The beginning

"Harry, when is the Potions homework supposed to be handed in for?" I while looking up from my Potions book.
"Yeah, like I listen to Snape in his classes and about homework," snorted Harry back at me, I frowned, I didn't want to fail this test coming up. Harry and Ron always act like I'm obsessed, I'm not obsessed I just care about my school work. It will reflect on later life, but they never care. I try to tell them its important but they never listen. I wish i had a friend who would listen, who would actually care. But it's not like that's ever going to happen.

Later on i was in the library after lunch, it was one of the dullest Sunday afternoons I have ever experienced. The grey clouds rolled smoothly over the sky. I heard footsteps, it was Ron.
"Hermione, what's wrong you have been up here all day!" he said with a not so concerned look in his face. I said back i was just doing some research on Potion Remedies.
"Well me and Harry are going outside, d'you want to come?"
I nodded briefly and started gathering my things when Ron said to me, "Go easy on Harry, he isn't feeling himself today, I don't know why."
"Really, is he nervous about the Quidditch match next week?"
"I really don't know".

We were walking down next to lake where it looked grey like the clouds above.
"It's such a horrible day, isn't it, I asked while looking at both of them.
"Yeah", they muttered back. It was so confusing. I just didn't know what to think. "I'm going back to Gryffindor Tower I need to get some rest", i said to them stretching my arms yawning. They nodded as i made my way up the path to the Entrance Hall.

As I was walking up the stairs alone my long black robe came under my feet and I tripped and fell backwards, and readied myself for the pain, but it never came. A pale hand had caught me before i fell. I was just about to say "thanks harry" when i looked up and saw the face of Draco Malfoy my smile dropped instantly.
"Don't i even deserve a thank you?" he asked with a sarcastic look on his face.
"Why did you do that?", I asked without answering his question, "I thought you hated me!"
"I may hate you Granger but I still have manners for you, and er, everyone else, he said looking to the side at the last words.
"Whatever, thanks i guess", i added quickly before leaving his company.
"No problem, he answered while walking (or skipping it looked like) away.

I wandered all the way up to the Tower what had just happened and tried to get it off my mind, but the same question was ringing in my head.

Why did Malfoy help me?


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