What should i do when it comes to loving you? (sasuke uchiha love story)

What should i do when it comes to loving you? (sasuke uchiha love story)

well i've on and off watched Naruto and Shippuden so i'm kinda winging all this. i'll try and incorperate some stuff from the series.

Chapter 1

how do i know you?

i looked around and saw flames and blood everywhere. i cried out loud for someone to help me, anybody to help me. i heard someone come in and the bed was lifted off my legs. i looked up and saw the eldest Uchiha brother standing over me with a smirk. he had blood on his robes which made me tremble. "i see i left one servant alive. i'll let you live, get out of here before i change my mind." he hissed. i got up and ran past him shaking the entire way. i could hear his footsteps and voices in the hallway behind me. i turned around and all of a sudden Master Uchiha and his wife were dead. that's when the younger Uchiha ran in staring at Itachi with tears in his eyes. they exchanged words and i took off when Itachi disappeared. i heard someone running after me and then an explosion. i didnt turn back i kept running no matter what.
my eyes fluttered open as i awoke from the dream. that was all i could remember from my time as a servant at the Uchiha manner. i got up out of bed and saw Sakura still sleeping soundly. the sun had just begun to show its self over the peak of the hokage mountain. i changed into my uniform, a pair of black shorts and blood red top that went over a bandage wrap. i slipped on my black biker gloves and black boots. my kunai were strapped into there hilts. i tied my signature bow into my hair. my long blonde hair was shining in the small light that was now beginning to shine through the window. i sighed and jumped out of the window with my village band in hand. i tied it loosely around my neck as i ran through the village. i got into the forest where i knew i was alone. i sat and began to look inside, trying to awake the jinchuriki i carried.
"kyoshi we have to talk" i whispered.
not now. you aren't alone he growled in my mind. i opened my eyes and saw a pair of red eyes staring at me from the trees.
"why was i drawn here to you" the person said.
"i wouldn't be able to tell you" i said hesitantly. i reached for one of my kunai's but had someone grab my hand.
"don't try that" the voice said. i turned and saw a boy about my age with black hair. i stood silently analyzing him.
"who are you" he asked me. i didn't respond still shocked at who i was looking at.
"Sasuke Uchiha" i breathed. he let go of my wrist and took a step back.
"how do you know my name" he hissed.
stay quiet Kyoshi growled in my mind. i listened to him and bolted in the direction of the village. i summoned the shadow wolves who stopped and jumped at sasuke who was following me. i heard yelps and looked back to see the shadows disappearing and Sasuke running behind me with a sword. i picked up my pace and made my way toward the training grounds where i knew Captain Yamato, Kakashi sensai, sakura, sai and naruto would be. i felt a hand on my shoulder and i was pulled back roughly. he slammed me against a tree.
"who are you" he yelled. i shook my head and fought to get out of his grip. i felt a burning sensation in my side and saw his had burning something into the bare skin of my side. i screamed out and felt tears come to my eyes.
"Kikyo!" i heard someone call.
"i'll see you soon" Sasuke growled. he looked at the team for a second before he was gone. i looked down at my side where the Uchiha sharingan was now burned into the skin. i winced as Sakura grabbed my arm.
"why. didnt. you. stop. him?" she hissed. i shook my head and tried to shake her off but my body was numb. it was like i was stuck in slow motion.
"Sakura let go of her" Kakashi ordered. she stepped back and glared at me.
"don' touch me. i'm fine. just shaken up" i muttered as i smacked Yamato's hand away. i followed behind them to an our usual practice area. i sat and let Sakura try and heal the burn but she couldn't so much, or she wasn't trying to.
"Kashi" i whimpered. Kakashi looked at me raising his eyebrow. i onl used his nickname when i was really hurt or upset.
"kyo?" he asked. he was like a dad to me or older brother, he had taken me in when i had wandered into the leaf village two years ago after a fight with Gaara of the Hidden Sand.
"can i go to the dorms, i'm not doing much here" i asked. he nodded slowly and then turned his attention to naruto. i summoned a shadow wolf and had it carry me to the dorms. it faded away after setting me down on my bed. i closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.
WAKE UP Kyoshi yelled in my head. i shot up and hit my head on something really hard.
"dammit" a familiar voice growled.
"what do you want" i growled pulling a kunai out.
"i just want to talk" sasuke said.
"are you sure you dont want to burn the sharingan mark into another part of my body" i yelled" he put his hand over my mouth and grabbed my wrist.
"just listen to me. that'll go away as soon as i get rid of it. i can heal it, only me. but you have to hear me out" he said. i nodded reluctantly he slowly removed his hands and sat across from me on my bed.
"you were the only other survivor from the massacre Itachi did on my clan. you were a servant, one of the only people Itachi liked. you and i hung out and my parents treated you like their own. you worked the kitchen and would always get in trouble with me. but your parents punished you for having fun and then they ran away leaving you behind. i know you dont remember any of what i just told you but all of that is true" he said. i could vaguely remember bits of what he had said.
"and i always said your name wrong. i would pronounce each syllable individually. Sa-Su-Ke (sa sue kay)" i said. a faint smile appeared on his lips.
"good. now let me see your side. it'll appear whenever i'm close by" he said as his hand softly rubbed the burn. i winced and nodded.
"Sasuke. why aren't you here" i asked using my pronunciation of his name. he froze.
"i have to kill itachi.. i have to get stronger. i have to go. sakura is on her way back. i'll be seeing you" he said. he disappeared quickly and i was left sitting there silent. Sakura entered and looked at me.
"meeting with Lady Tsunade... we have a group mission." she said blankly. i nodded and hopped out of bed... i wonder what the mission will be

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