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Chapter 1


So yeah! I've actually never blogged before. So I'm gona play it by ear, because I keep getting messages asking about my stories and how I get ideas and can I help people with this and what color are my toenails. No joke.
If my blog is excruciatingly lame, then it's because I've never done it before.
So- insperation. I get inspired by books, actually. And music. Bands like Modest Mouse and Mazzy Star make me want to write untill my fingers die of suffocation. Same goes for Headly. They kick tiny monkey asz. And books like The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, and anything written by L.J. Smith generaly inspires me. I would recomend L.J. Smith to anybody who like what I write. If you think I'm at all decent, then you will LOVE her. She made me want to start writing. I owe that woman a lot.
Also, for the people that keep asking, no, I have not given up on Who Will Save Our Souls. Kate and Avery just havent been talking to me much these days. Although, Doyle has. That sick bastard wants to take over my whole damn story. Freaking P.I....
People who want help on their stories- Maybe. I'm working on so much right now... Trying to update my stories and doing schoolwork and getting enough time to watch some mindless television... It depends on your story. Whoever it was that wanted me to do a Harrry Potter story for them, about Harry's sister, I'm sory, but nothing would come into my head for the story. Right now, my main story is my Warriors Fanfic. even if it's not on quibblo, its all over my notebooks. Erin Hunter, all of them, are brilliant. But, if I really like your idea and you and your writing.... Sure, why the hell not. I mean, if you ask me to help you with "Kiss Me Let Me Have Your Baby: A Justin Beiber Love Story" then no way in hell am I going to help you. Nothing about celebreties, not even Ian Sommerhalder. Or Johnny Depp. (Yes, I butcher last names. It's like a job.)
But, if you have a well layed out plot and deep characters and you are kind enough to comment on my stories (jk!) then I'll help.
FYI~~~ My toenails, at the moment, are purple with white polka-dots.

So my first blog was painfuly short. I'll use a song to make it longer X)

Love me cancerously... Like a salt sore soaked in the sea, high maintinence means, you're a gluttonous queen, narcisistic and mean.
Kill me romanticly... Fill my soul with vomit then ask me for a peice of gum... Bitter and dumb, you're my sugarplum...
You're aweful, I love you!...
She moves through moonbeams slowly, she knows just how to hold me. And when her edges soften, her body is my coffin. I know she drains me slowly, she wears me down to bones in bed ;) Must be the sign on my head, that says
Ohh, love me Dead!!
Ludo~ Love Me Dead

Thats it for now! Hug trees! Theres a hobo in your trashcan!


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