I'm Warning You, This is Sad

So I've noticed that all the stories are just love stories. I decided that I should make something different. Yeah, it's gonna have some romantical stuffs in it but mostly it's just something I wanted to try. Leave comments/suggestions, and enjoy!

Chapter 1

Family Issues

"Maria!" My father called up the stairs. I was sitting in my room listening to my ipod and reading a new book.
"Wha-at?" I called back.
"Get down here RIGHT NOW!" he yelled. I sighed, cursing under my breath. He was in a bad mood today, as always. My father was rarely kind to me. I walked down the stairs into the kitchen. My older brother Darren was making himself breakfast absentmindedly.
"Yes?" I said smugly. My father had his arms crossed and was glaring at me.
"Just what the heII have you been doing all day!?" he interrogated.
Avoiding you... I thought.
"WELL!?" he almost yelled.
"Reading..." I said softly.
He let out a little 'hmph.' "Well isn't that just peachy? After I've told you a thousand times to do the dishes!"
"I did." I shot back, glaring at him.
"Really? Then did you clean your room? Or the kitchen?" he raised his eyebrows.
He looked around, and pulled one of my brother's shirts off the floor. "Then what the heII is this?"
"Oh, SORR-Y! I NEVER REALIZED I WAS SUPPOSED TO CLEAN UP AFTER ALL OF YOU LAZY BUMS!" I yelled, immedietly regretting it. My father took two quick steps over to me and struck me across the face. Hard. My eyes watering, I dared not cry in front of him. My brother stood at the stove, glaring into the pan his eggs were cooking in. This is how it normally was; whenever things got too rough, it would only get worse when the other were to get involved. It was best to just stay quiet.
"You don't EVER talk to me that way, got it!?" My father hissed. "Now get the heII out of my sight."
I bolted up the stairs, letting out the tears of pain as soon as the door closed behind me. I was sure to have a bruise. I would need to come up with a reason for it before school the next day.


Later that night...
I woke with a start. Looking at the clock, it was five in the morning. I could hear my mom yelling at my dad from downstairs. He had probably only just gotten home.
My mother was the only reason my brother and I came home nowadays. He always made things better. Whenever dad would get in one of his moods, she would calm him down. He never hit us when she was there. But when Darren and I were supposed to be asleep, we could always hear them screaming at each other.
I heard my bedroom door open and close, and the lights flashed on. Darren walked over to my bed and sat down. "What is it about this time?" I asked.
He sighed. "Dad was too loud coming in and woke her up."
I rolled my eyes. "WHY is he such a jerk!?" I said it a little too loudly - the voices stopped downstairs. Darren jumped up and slipped out the door, shutting the lights off along the way. I heard my father slam his bedroom door.
"THEY'RE MY KIDS, TOO!" I heard my mom yell.
Footsteps came up the stairs and I heard Darren's bedroom door open. I couldn't make out anything that they said. After a few minutes, the door clicked closed and I my door opened.
"Hey, kiddo." My mom poked her head around the door, turning on the lights.
"Hey, mom." I said. She crossed my room and sat on the end of my bed.
That's when I noticed something was odd. She was wearing her traveling coat, and her car keys were jingling in her hand.
"Are you going somewhere?" I asked, sitting up.
She looked sadly at the floor. "Look, Maria... Your dad doesn't really want me around anymore."
"Are you just gonna go to gramma's for the weekend?" I felt my throat closing up.
"Not just the weekend, honey. It may be a while." My heart jumped to my throat.
"But... you can't go! Why can't you just make HIM leave?" My eyes were starting to water.
"It's not that simple. I'll be staying with your uncle for a while." She tried to smile at me.
"Let me come with you!" I begged, for she had stood from my bed. "Please! Don't make me stay here!"
"I wish you could come, Maria, I really do! But it's not as easy as that." she began to cross my room toward the door. I lept from my bed.
"Mom, please! Take me with you!" I grabbed on to her coat. Tears streamed down my face. "Don't make us stay with him!" I sobbed.
My mom pulled my into a hug. "Your brother will take care of you. Be good, Maria. I love you."
"I love you too, mom." she let me go and left. After a few minutes I heard her car start up and peel down the street. I sank to my knees in the darkness of my room, crying out all of my tears. Darren came in some time after, slung my blanket over my shoulders, and left. Towards noon I heard him yelling at my dad. When he came back upstairs I saw that he had given him a pretty new shiner.

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