Percabeth Love Story

Chapter 1

Worst Date Ever

"Hey Percy!" I said as he opened the door. "Hey, Wise Girl!" He said Laying a kiss on my lips. I love him so much! "Ready?" I asked. "Sure am." "Great! lets go." We had been planning this date for a week now. We were going to Six Flags! I LOVE HIM! We got in the cab and started moving. "Whats that noise?" he asked. "I don't know." I replied. He stopped breathing for a second. Then he pushed me out of the car door. I lied there a moment. Then, "What The Hades Are You-" I saw it. A blown up car with Percy underneath. "PERCY!" I yelled. I tried to pull him out. "Percy! PERCY! NO! NOOO! PERCY!" I repeated. "Uhh..." came from under the car. "Percy?" "Annabeth?" He asked painfully. "Percy." I pulled him up. "Somebody Call 911!" From the distance. I saw some abulances already coming. Worst date ever.

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